The Purchase Of A PS 5 May Be Even More Difficult As Sony Reports That It Has Cut Production By One Million Units

Buying a PS5

After a year on the market, The PS5 is still difficult to find. And now, it seems like Sony’s supply problems are only going to get worse. According to a report by Bloomberg sources close to Sony’s operations claim that the Japanese tech giant has recently reduced its production targets from 16 …

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Australia first digital ID trial shows In Significant Increases In Productivity

Australia first digital ID trial shows

EFTPOS, QLD government, Meeco and Powertech partner to show the benefits for ID credentialing eftpos has today announced the results of the first-ever Australian digital identity test between the eftpos’ Digital Identity service, connectID, Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads, Australian FinTech Meeco and the leader in engineering and technical services Powertech which …

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