Flaviar Membership, approx. $95 per month
Flaviar Membership, approx. $95 per month

Explore The World Of Fine Spirits With These Whisky Subscriptions In Australia

Whisky lovers know that everything good starts with a drink. When you add in automatic delivery, you get a subscription to some of the best drinks on the market. A whisky membership is a no-brainer if you want to try great whisky every month or if you want to build up your home bar collection if you consider yourself a whisky expert.

Depending on which club or group you join, you’ll get samples, bottles, or tasting notes that will take you on a flavorful journey in the comfort of your own home.So, if you’d love to try some of the world’s best single malt whisky every month, keep reading for our top recommendations for whisky packages.

The best whisky subscriptions in Australia

With The Whisky Club, you can get discounts on whisky at Australia’s best whisky places. The club also gives away whisky-dream vacations to distilleries in Scotland and around the world on a regular basis.

These Whisky Subscriptions
One Bottle Membership, from $110 per month,

“I’ve had great whiskey and fun times with friends and family for over a year. “It showed me dams I would never have thought to buy,” said one customer who gave it five stars.

Inside The Whisky Flavour Box, you’ll find four original branded miniatures of Whisky, Glencairn glass, a cork cup base, marble ice cubes and snacks to enjoy the flavours.

“I really like this box! I knew this was the right gift for my husband as soon as I opened it. He loves these whiskies and all the great gifts that came with them. “A win-win gift,” said a critic who gave it five stars.

Whisky Flavour, approx. $130 per month
Whisky Flavour, approx. $130 per month

You can choose from a wide range of full-size bottles and taste boxes that come with your Flaviar Membership or buy them at member prices.

“This is a great way to try out new liquors without having to buy a whole bottle. Excellent service to customers. You can tell that they take pleasure in making things right for their customers. “Unique place where you can feel safe trying something new,” said a customer who gave it five stars.

Flaviar Membership, approx. $95 per month
Flaviar Membership, approx. $95 per month

Discover a whole new world of whisky with a 100ml taste that lets you really get to know each spirit and figure out how you want to drink it.

“A great sample size of whisky comes in a cute little box. I was able to try whisky in a few different ways to find the one I like best. “The free virtual tasting was also a lot of fun,” said a reviewer who gave five stars.

New World of Whisky Journey Box, approx. $30 per month
New World of Whisky Journey Box, approx. $30 per month

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