Time’s up! All the celebs booted from MasterChef so far

Celebrity MasterChef is in full swing now, with a bunch of our favorite local (and some non-local) celebs showing off their skills in the kitchen.

This season has seen aprons handed out to the likes of actress Rebecca Gibney, Olympian Ian Thorpe, radio and TV host Chrissie Swan and Tilly Ramsay, the daughter of one of the world’s greatest culinary masters, Gordon Ramsay.

However, this bunch are being put to the test as they struggle to impress judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo with their minimal backgrounds in cooking.

Already, the stars are beginning to trickle on home! Here’s who’s left the competition so far.

Chrissie Swan

Although she put in a great effort, Chrissie fell victim to Gordon Ramsay’s two-part elimination challenge, which involved cooking eggs and bacon.

“I think I’ve had a very full MasterChef experience,” Chrissie said as she left the kitchen.

“All the panic, the things going wrong and all of it, I’ve had a bit of everything … it’s been fabulous.”

Dami Im

Sunday night’s dessert challenge got the better of Dami, with her Sweet Potato Basque Cheesecake failing to get her over the line.

“I was really scared because dessert is definitely not my strength, so having to do that for an elimination was just so scary,” she told 10Play following her elimination.

“I was not used to having that much pressure on me, because when I’m cooking normally, that’s when I really relax and have fun and get away from all the stress, from everything else,” she admitted.


Matt Le Nevez

Actor Matt Le Nevez became the third celebrity booted off Celebrity MasterChef after a blindfolded taste testing challenge.

“I never had any desire to be on reality television at all, but to me, MasterChef isn’t that, it’s a show that highlights and exemplifies cooking,” he said of his experience.

“Families revolve around the kitchen and I want my family to have the greatest experience they can in the kitchen.”

You’ll be missed, Matt!

Ian Thorpe

Thorpey became the next celebrity to farewell the MasterChef kitchen.

In a challenge that forced the contestants to choose between more time and coveted ingredients, with four different pantries revealing more and more food at different points of the precious 90 minutes they had to cook, a struggle with meringue saw Thorpey sadly remove his apron.

He chose to do MasterChef for his love of cooking, however, the time pressures of the show led him to realise that his preferred style of cooking doesn’t really suit the show.

“I like cooking things that take hours! Things that take six hours in the oven or slow-cooked lamb, really robust flavours,” he said.

“I’m the kind of person who likes to be left alone in the kitchen. I’m like, there’s the wine. Pour yourself a glass and get out of my kitchen!”

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