AFL Supercoach 2022
AFL Supercoach 2022

AFL Supercoach 2022 The Rookies And Cash Cows You Need To Keep An Eye On

This is the most difficult and important selection you will make in your AFL Supercoach 2022 squad: the cash cows and the rookies.

These players will be the backbone of your cash generation and help you to build your team.

You can immediately lose a key player or pick one who doesn’t play enough to make your team fall behind the eight ball.

Cash cows and defender rookies

Paddy McCartin (DEF/FWD), $157,800 (Sydney).

Could this be the reliable selection that Supercoaches have been waiting for? The former number 1 draft pick made it to the Swans via pre-season SSP. He looks great so far. A big practice match was followed by 74 points against Roos. Can he stay at the park?

Josh Gibcus – (DEF) $171,300 (Richmond)

To get into round one, he scored a respectable 65 point in the Tigers’ Community Series match. He is a versatile tall who can play on both ends of the field, which increases his chances of being selected.

Mitch Hinge – (DEF) $180,900 (Adelaide)

Could this be Mitch Hinge’s year? Although the former Lion has had little luck since his move to the Crows, he played just one game. However, with potential injury problems behind him, he could be able to make it into their 22. He scored 64 points in the Community Series.

Joel Smith – Joel Smith (DEF) $177,000. (Melbourne).

It will not be easy to break into the flag-winning Demons team, but Joel Smith has shown no signs of slowing down with his impressive performances in pre-season. Supercoaches saw that he could score if he was selected, scoring 67 points during the Community Series.

AFL Supercoach 2022
AFL Supercoach 2022

Sam De Koning – (DEF/FWD) $123,900 (Geelong)

He scored a respectable 92 points in pre-season. This was quite impressive and caught the attention. Although job security is uncertain at the Cats, he might have edged ahead for the third tall defensive role.

Josh Sinn – (DEF/MID) $157,800 (Port Adelaide)

He is the most likely Port’s draftee to be selected for Ken Hinkley’s 22. Sinn was a hard worker and versatile player, scoring 28 points in the Community Series clash. This is a reflection on his often erratic ball use.

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera – (DEF/MID) $162,300 (St Kilda)

This kid’s foot skills may tempt some Supercoaches. If he can secure a spot in the side, it might pay off. Some will be scared off by the 28 points in Community Series.

Will Kelly – (DEF/FWD $123,900 (Collingwood).

Kelly, a versatile player, seemed to be a good pick, especially after Mark Keane returned to Ireland. However, he was not selected in the Pies’ final Community Series match.

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AFL Supercoach 2022
AFL Supercoach 2022

Cash cows and rookie midfielders

Jason Horne-Francis MID $207,300 (North Melbourne).

Just get him. He’s not only a little exaggerated, but he’s an absolute weapon. With plenty of fuel left, he scored 87 points against Swans

Nick Daicos (MID) $193,800 (Collingwood)

As mentioned above. A ball magnet and superstar in the making. It’s hard to find reliable rookies, but here’s one. In the Community Series, he cranked the ton.

Josh Rachele (MID/FWD) $184,800 (Adelaide)

Again. Although you will have to spend some money this year on rookies, you can rest assured that they will be selected and scored well.

Josh Ward (MID), $180,300 Hawthorn

He scored 124 points during the Community Series. Sam Mitchell will bring games to the children. Lock him in.

Elijah Hollands (MID/FWD) $123,900 (Gold Coast)

Many good judges considered him to be the top player among his draft class before an injury to his ACL caused him to stop in his tracks. If he is able to play an opportunity to play, he’ll be a player to keep an eye on.

Jake Soligo (MID) $117,300 (Adelaide)

It doesn’t have the hype that others have, however, he has made a convincing argument for senior games in the early stages and is very affordable. Ask the Supercoach gods that he is selected.

Connor MacDonald (MID) $117,300 (Hawthorn)

The 26th pick of the draft of last year is making headlines at Hawthorn and is expected to be an early season debutant. He scored 52 points in the Community Series and looks comfortable at the top of the ladder.

Brady Hough (MID) $117,300 (West Coast)

Hough was draft bolter, however He seems to have a reason for his choice earlier in his career. His teammate Jack Redden has backed him to participate in the round one and is an extremely attractive cost. It’s a player to watch.

Jed McEntee (MID/FWD) $123,900 (Port Adelaide)

Port’s appears to be a tough team to break into however 2021 mid-season draftee Jed McEntee is giving himself the chance. A solid 58 was recorded for the Community Series and will be included in a number of teams if chosen.

AFL Supercoach 2022
AFL Supercoach 2022

Cash cows and Ruck rookies

It is important to keep in mind that the majority of Supercoaches utilize their third ruck position to select a ruckman that isn’t playing to assist in their captain’s loophole plan.

Braydon Preuss (RUC) $204,700 (GWS)

It appears to become the previous Roos as well as Dees man’s time to make a mark on the field. Absolutely Preuss is the Giants the top player, Preuss got Supercoaches excited and provided them with plenty to think about by scoring a 102 in the Community Series. However, he was slapped with a one-game suspension for the game. However, if you’re planning to earn cash instead of making use of the third ruck position to fill in the loophole for captains, you should consider him.

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