Buying a PS5
Buying a PS5

The Purchase Of A PS 5 May Be Even More Difficult As Sony Reports That It Has Cut Production By One Million Units

After a year on the market, The PS5 is still difficult to find. And now, it seems like Sony’s supply problems are only going to get worse.

According to a report by Bloomberg sources close to Sony’s operations claim that the Japanese tech giant has recently reduced its production targets from 16 million units down to approximately 15 million units for the fiscal years ending March 2022. Sony previously set a goal of 14.8m PS5s being sold by March 2022. This target is difficult to reach if supplies are further restricted.

This news comes after similar statements by HirokiTotoki, Sony’s CFO, who stated that supply and shortage issues have become worsened and that any restrictions to future covid-19 could have an additional impact on PS5 production.

Buying a PS5 May Get Even Harder as Sony Reportedly Cuts Production by a Million Units

However, even with covid-19’s ravaging effect on chip production and global supply chains, the PS5 managed to be Sony’s fastest-selling console. This is likely to be due to an increased demand for new entertainment, something that may not have occurred in a normal year.

While the global chip crunch will continue through 2022, there is some hope for gamers who want to buy Sony’s new console. Major retailers limited the sale of PS5 consoles to online orders for the majority of its first year of existence. Many websites were often affected by new PS5 shipment announcements.

But more recently, retailers in the U.S. like Best Buy and Gamestop has started shipping consoles directly to local retailers, giving consumers (especially those who don’t want to spend too much time refreshing their web browsers) another way to purchase a new PS5 or Xbox Series S/X.

However, it’s still difficult to find in Australia.

This website keeps you up to date with stock updates for the PS5 and links to all Australian retailers. We also keep a running list of availability from retailers like Target, JB Hi-Fi and Amazon.

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In the background, Sony appears to have made hardware changes to the PS5 to make it run cooler and possibly reduce the need for parts that are already in limited supply.

Despite the PS5’s second holiday season, finding a new PS5 in stock is still a frustrating task that will likely continue into 2022.

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