Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk
Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk

Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk is now available in Australia

If you’re looking to buy a brand new desk put down your laptop and take note of an amazing new desk available being sold from Australia and it’s stunning.

It’s the Secretlab Magnus is a metal desk that utilizes an electronic system that helps in the management of cables and also it comes with RGB lighting that is built-in. The great thing about the use of RGB’s is that, thanks an innovative design which is incorporated into the back, the desk is able to be in a straight line with the wall and the light is emitted from the space in the back of the table that also functions as an extension cable.

Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk

The desk is offered in 1.5m and in the coming 1.2m lengths The desk measures 735mm (29″) high, but also provides up to 20mm (0.8″) of height adjustment, meaning you can adjust its height to fit your individual preferences.

Due to its steel frame It’s extremely durable and can withstand loads up to 100kg. This makes it the perfect choice for those who enjoy having several monitors, speakers an entire PC, and just about anything else you want to put in it.

In terms of style, this desk is designed with an elegant look, featuring an obsidian-textured powder coat and an open top that is modern and fresh.

The thing I love about the style of this desk is how it has been given a lot of attention to managing cables. If you’re looking for a minimalist design of your desk and want to keep it simple, you can’t overlook this desk since the ability to conceal cables is simple and quick to do here.

Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk
Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk
Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk
Secretlab’s stunning MAGNUS Metal Desk

The rear portion of the desk features an articulating section that can allow the cables to be dropped into the tray for cables below. From here, cables can be run down the legs of the desk , and completely concealed from the eye.

In the case of cables that must be positioned on your desk Secretlab uses a mat for magpads to be placed on top of your desk. It allows magnetic cable anchors to run your cables in a neat manner with the ability to put them exactly the place you require to put them.

You can also attach a headphone hooks that you usually have to attach to your desk by hand. This will to free up space on your desk, assisting to give that sleek minimalist look that is ready for Instagram.

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Overall, I’m extremely impressed by the style of this desk. the combination of design and engineering come together to create the perfect desk but also looks great.

The Secretlab MAGNUS is available for pre-order in Australia The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk (1500mm 700mm x 1500mm) is priced at A$599.00 for the desk’s base You can then choose which accessories you’d like included.

There’s a range of Magpad designs available to personalize your desk. These include Signature Stealth, Cloud9, Team Liquid, Dark Knight or go for the stealthy black.

The Bundle of Cable Management retails at A$59.00-and includes 3x Magnetic Cable Anchors 2x Cable Sheaths with Magnetics, 10x Straps for fastening cables two magnetic accent clips (Special Versions are only available).

The secretlab MAGRGB Dispersed RGB Strip that includes a remote, costs A$79.00 and the headphone hanger is priced at A$35.00.

I’m assuming that most customers will include all of these options at payment process, meaning you’d be somewhere around the range of $772.00 at the time of purchase. Desks are scheduled to arrive by December 20th and this could be a wonderful Christmas gift to yourself.

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