Order A PS5
Order A PS5

Everywhere You Can Still Order A PS5 In Melbourne Australia

The pre-order process for the PlayStation 5 was not the easiest back in September. Customers and retailers were both caught off guard when entire shipments of the console sold out in just hours. Customers who didn’t pre-order the console waited patiently to find out when they would be available again.

Good news: Pre-orders for the PS5 have increased. Here are the places you can and cannot get one.

This website keeps you up to date with stock updates for PS5 and all Australian retailers.

Here’s our guide to the five best PS5 games.

Everywhere You Can Still Order A PS5

Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia has stock of the PlayStation 5 disc console. It is obvious that this stock will not last long so make sure you get your order in. You should keep an eye out to the PS5 Digital Version as they often restock afterwards.

To be reminded when the digital and disc versions of the PS5 become available, customers can sign up to receive email alerts.

Everywhere You Can Still Order A PS5
Everywhere You Can Still Order A PS5


JB Hi-Fi, an electronics retailer, has started accepting pre-orders for the PS5 intermittently. Although these have not been advertised publicly, people have reported that they were able to visit their local store to place a PS5 pre-order. However, there are very few quantities.

Stores we spoke to said this was on a first-come-first-serve basis and customers can put their name on a list for a pre-order by paying the full deposit in store. Staff couldn’t provide any information about when or how many units would they be receiving. This option is worth considering. Before you go to the store, make sure to check with your local store to confirm that they are still accepting pre-orders.

Pre-orders online are not currently available. However, you can continue to check this page JB’s website regularly for any updates.

B Games

EB Games sold their first shipment quickly, but the consoles in their second and third waves are slowly being secured.

(Update 3/3) Although EB Games claims they are getting more consoles in the near future, all of these consoles are immediately being assigned to customers who ordered online in prior shipments. There are many estimates for stock drops at EB Games. Some stores indicate maylater this March, while others say don’t bother until July.

Other EB stores claim they have limited consoles available in-store (3/3), but this varies from one store to the next. These consoles are reserved for pre-ordered customers, but it is worth calling your local EB to find out their current situation.

For more information about new stock, keep an eye on the website of EB Games.

Big W

Update 18/2 10:00 AM: BigW is currently the only retailer with stock of the PS5 right now. This offer is not likely to last so get your order now on the website

Update 18/2 10:30 AM: The Big W PS5 stock appears to have been sold for the day. Keep checking our page and stock PS5 for any updates!


Since the PS5 was released, Target Australia has been receiving stock occasionally. To check if one is still available, keep an eye on the PS5 or PlayStation5 digital console pages.

Update 8/2/11:10: Target has more stock of the PS5 available for click and collect today. Both were gone in less than 10 minutes, so be quick. Keep checking their websites to see if there are any more.

Sony Store

Sony’s online shop is another option for selling PS5 stock. It doesn’t last very long, just like other retailers when PS5 stock drops.

The Sony Store still has no pre-orders for the PS5 but stock was available earlier in the week. Register for updates via Sony’s website and keep track of orders .

The Gamesmen

The Gamesmen in Sydney have received sporadic deliveries of PS5 stock. Although there is no information on the next drop, it’s worth checking The Gamesmen website as well as their social media pages.

Harvey Norman

(Update 21/1) Harvey Norman saw a new PS5 stock drop this morning. It’s sold out, but you can still check Harvey Norman’s PS5 page for any additional stock.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys ran into some problems when they sold out their pre-orders of PS5s. Despite the fact that they do have another shipment, they prioritize those who cancelled their pre-orders earlier.

This is where you will find more stock if it becomes available.

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It seems that you can order a new console with your existing plan. Vodafone, an Australian telco, is offering PS5 consoles to customers with an existing NBN plan or a Vodafone eligible voice plan. The PS5 plan can be added to your existing Vodafone services. While the price of the PS5 will not change, you can make payments over 12-24 or 36 months.

Register for a PS5 here .

The small silver lining is that if you’re after PS5 accessories plenty of the sites above have stock of these now. So you can prepare for when your console eventually arrives.

This article was updated with more information regarding stock drops in PS5.

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