Brittney Lee Saunders
Brittney Lee Saunders

15 Top Australian YouTubers to Watch

How do you become a YouTube star? It’s not as simple as you might think. To create original content and to build a following, it takes many years of hard work. Although older generations might not understand, millennials have proved that YouTubers are a legitimate way to make money.

YouTube has seen a rise in AU and YouTube subscribers are constantly looking for new videos. These videos can range from beauty tips and life hacks to viral parodies or product reviews. There is always something for everyone and some of the most popular videos come from Australia!

The YouTuber’s Dream

It’s easy to enjoy videos online. But what makes YouTubers so beloved? People love authenticity, so online personalities are easier to relate to than celebrities or media companies. Youtubers are skilled at building relationships with their followers and working with other creators within the community.

Companies and brands have recognized the importance of YouTubers, and offer sponsorships and advertising revenue to help them gain popularity among viewers. Some channels even have their own podcasts and merchandising businesses! The platform has 1.8 billion active users and thousands of Australian channels that earn millions every year. You can still make a living just by being yourself, as the numbers keep rising.

Top 15 Australian YouTubers

It’s important that you look up to those who have gone before you if your dreams include becoming a YouTube vlogger. Are you unsure where to begin? We are happy to introduce you the top Australian YouTubers!

how to basic
how to basic

1. Basic

Content – This channel is far more advanced than you might think. It shows you how to videos like you have never seen them before.

Joined December 8, 2011,

Subscribers 16.7 Million

Yearly Estimated Income: $119.5K – $1.9M

Most viewed: How quickly can you get a six pack (129,000,000 views)


2. CKN Toys

Content: This kid-friendly channel features two adorable brothers who review all sorts of cool toys together!

Joined: March 28, 2015

Subscribers: 17.4 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $14M

Most Viewed: BIGGEST Fireman Sam Toy Collection Ever (406 million views)


3. Maxmoefoe

Content Max Stanley is a PewdiePie from Australia. He does crazy pranks and challenges in the name of having fun.

Joined November 14, 2007,

Subscribers 3.03 Million

Yearly Estimated Income: $17.6K

Slip N’ Slide Of Death is the most viewed video. How To Basic (32,000,000 views)

ozzy man
ozzy man

4. Ozzy Man Reviews

Content: Ethan Marrell produces vulgar voiceovers and reviews that’ll make you laugh out loud!

Joined: April 24, 2014

Subscribers: 4.93M

Estimated Yearly Income: $2.41M

Most Viewed: Ozzy Man Reviews: Yanet Garcia & Mexican Weather (46 million views)


5. LazarBeam

Content: Lannan Eacott is a streamer known for his unfiltered Fortnite: Battle Royale gaming.

Joined: January 4, 2015

Subscribers: 19 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $1.93m

Most Viewed: I became a stream sniper (46 million views)

Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan

6. Troye Sivan

Content: From YouTube cover singer to a pro musician, this Aussie artist gained lots of fans from the LGBT community for his voice and personality.

Joined: October 1, 2007

Subscribers: 7.1 million

Estimated Net Worth: $8M-$10M

Most Viewed: Happy Little Pill – Official Video (45 million views)

How To Cook That
How To Cook That

7. How To Cook That

Content: Ann Reardon specialises in creative ways to bake sweets, desserts, and miniature snacks!

Joined: April 16, 2011

Subscribers: 4.74 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $239K

Most Viewed: iPad Cake Best Apps (38 million views)

planet dolan

8. Planet Dolan

Content: Daniel James Johnson makes interesting countdown lists on strange finds, conspiracies, and mysteries to satisfy your curiosity.

Joined: March 1, 2014

Subscribers: 5.68 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $62.2K

Most Viewed: 30 Disturbing Things Found on Google Maps (35 million views)

Lauren Curtis
Lauren Curtis

9. Lauren Curtis

Content: Lauren makes videos on all things beauty, but she also gives you relationship advice and tips on body positivity!

Joined: August 31, 2011

Subscribers: 3.39 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $6K

Most Viewed: Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial (11 million views)

 Community Channel
Community Channel

10. Community Channel

Content: Natalie Tran makes us laugh with her funny skits, and the best part is she plays all the characters at once!

Joined: September 12, 2006

Subscribers: 1.85 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $510 – $8.2K

Most Viewed: For People Who Skip Ads (8.5 million views)

Brittney Lee Saunders
Brittney Lee Saunders

10. Brittney Lee Saunders

Content: Brittney is like the girlfriend you never had! She gives you an inside look at her makeup and fashion hauls, food reviews, and real-talk moments.

Joined: August 10, 2011

Subscribers: 1.06 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $219 – $3.5K

Most Viewed: AUSTRALIAN TRIES AMERICAN CANDY! (8 million views)

Isaac Butterfield
Isaac Butterfield

12. Isaac Butterfield

Content: Isaac is a comedian who does hilarious reaction videos, social commentary, and insider info about Australia.

Joined: January 23, 2012

Subscribers: 1.69 million

Estimated Yearly Income: $USD21.3K to $340.2K

Most Viewed: 10 Reasons Not To Visit Australia Reaction Video (6.2 million views)

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FairBairn Films
FairBairn Films

13. FairBairn Films

Content: Lachlan and Jaxon Fairbairn are brothers that perform comedy skits and exchange quirky teenage banter.

Joined: April 28, 2014

Subscribers: 781K

Estimated Yearly Income: $32.2K – $515.7K

Most Viewed: Dude Perfect but they have to use the first take every time (31 million views)

Freelee The Banana Girl
Freelee The Banana Girl

14. Freelee The Banana Girl

Content: Leanne Ratcliffe is a raw vegan health and fitness guru! She also debunks fad diets and fat loss myths.

Joined: October 22, 2007

Subscribers: 781K

Estimated Yearly Income: $22.1K – $353.5K

Most Viewed: Single & Ready To Mingle (31 million views)

Georgia Productions
Georgia Productions

15. Georgia Productions

Content: This young rising star gives us funny day-in-the-life videos featuring her friends, family, and boyfriend!

Joined: August 25, 2013

Subscribers: 1.03M

Estimated Yearly Income: $21.5K  –  $344.3K

Most Viewed: PLAYGROUND BOSS (5.7 million views)

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