Gym Shark
Gym Shark

Chic Activewear Brands To Take You From The Gym To The Grocery Store

Remember when wearing your partner’s old shirt or sweats that were worn out was the ideal workout outfit? Same.

While we may remember these moments in fond ways, we don’t necessarily desire dressing like post-breakup Bridget Jones. Why? Because activewear has been an edgy new look in recent times and we want to look pretty while sweating.

So trendy has the activewear trend become so fashionable that it has created its own sub-trend, called athleisure which has enabled us to dress stylishly everywhere we go.

A morning cup of coffee with friends? We’ll put on our activewear. Shopping for groceries? Wearing our activewear. What if you do nothing? We’ll dress in our activewear.

Of course, it’s ideal for exercising in. This is a no-brainer. However there are many brands that are not made equal.

The fact that you have to endure so much wear and tear – both inside and outside of the gym, means that you need to invest in top-quality pieces that will last for a long time.

Below, we’ll review the best activewear worth your hard-earned money.

Gym Shark
Gym Shark

Gym Shark

If sheer and cheap fabrics that wear quickly out are your main concern, Gym Shark is your preferred. Gym Shark makes top quality clothes that have incredible stretch (that doesn’t get sloppy or too big) with a wide range of sizes and shapes.

P.E Nation

Established by Pip Edwards, the brand aims to find an appealing middle ground between streetwear and activewear to create the perfect gym-to-grocery-store design.

Lorna Jane

In 1990, the company was founded. Lorna Jane is one of the OG popular brands for activewear and having more than 30 years to go it’s easy to understand why they’re an essential brand even today.

The Upside
The Upside

The Upside

It was created in the name of model Jodhi Meares. The Upside is a fashionable brand that puts sustainability and giving back as the main focus of The Upside label.


For yoga essentials and activewear unlike any other, look beyond Lululemon their modern and simple designs make mixing and matching easy.

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Aje Athletica

If you really are looking to cross the line between fashion and activewear The adored Australian brand Aje has come out with a seriously elegant line of work-out clothes.


The impact Adidas has had on street style isn’t to overlooked, just take a look at the legendary Stan Smith sneakers and tri-striped tracksuits.

Cotton On

Our preferred brand for basics that are affordable The reputation of Cotton On for quality and value extends to their adorable range of activewear.

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