Mum-of-one Hall says she's loving getting back
Mum-of-one Hall says she's loving getting back

“I’m Making A Massive Comeback!” How Tiffiny Hall Fought Through Her Challenging Year

How Tiffiny Hall Fought Through Her Challenging Year As she swarmed onto the TV screen as Angel In Gladiators the year 2008 Tiffiny Hall was clear from the start that she’s not going to give up without the fight. This has never been more apparent than this year.

The 37-year old, who gained a reputation for her work as a fitness instructor in “The Biggest Loser” before shifting her focus at her personal fitness business, has been through what she refers to as “a real string of bad luck” which has included a number surgery and injuries to the wrists and all those lockdowns.

This is not even mentioning her astonished diagnosis that she suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome as well as postural orthostatic tachycardia, that she discussed in the spring of this year. “I’ve had all kinds of setbacks,” Hall acknowledges.

But, in true Tiffiny manner she’s not let the situation get her down. She spoke with WHO via the Zoom platform from her Melbourne home where she lives with her radio presenter husband Ed Kavalee 42, as well as their four-year-old son Arnold her fitness coach remains positive and positive as ever.

“That’s now behind me. I’m really happy today, and I’m trying to stay positive and show people that it’s possible to get through the obstacles without any reasons,” Hall explains.

Hall is ready to feel strong
Hall is ready to feel strong

“I’ve gained a few valuable lessons during my recovery one of which is that setbacks not as great as your recoveries. This is exactly what I’m doing now as I’m making a huge comeback.”

Here, the trainer speaks with WHO regarding fitness Balance, fitness and feeling good.

 fitness trainer is making a comeback
fitness trainer is making a comeback

What was the last time you had a lockdown like for the family and you? It’s been an extended time!

Yes, it’s been. We’ve gotten through some of the most prolonged lockdowns in the history of Melbourne, Victoria. This has made it seem regular, but that’s terrible. However, I’m extremely fortunate because I reside with a comedian, and he is a great source of jokes. He’s always positive. He’s a hilarious person and he kept his spirits high. We had lots of time as a family.

Are you thrilled that to see it’s finished?

I’m extremely excited. I’m thrilled to see the smallest businesses being established in my area, and also to see my loved gyms open and my personal trainers returning. COVID is a condition that can really impact people’s mental and physical health. As the COVID kilos start to accumulate and you feel a bit sluggish. Therefore, to see the gyms opened again and to provide an environment that is healthy and a place where people can visit and enjoy a new mental state, I think it’s crucial.

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Mum-of-one Hall says she's loving getting back
Mum-of-one Hall says she’s loving getting back

You’ve shared some major health-related news earlier in the year. How has your recovery been?

It was large, but the situation is working very well. I’m looking for more efficient ways to handle it. Lockdown was for me an a bit of a blessing since things were slowing down. There wasn’t going at the speed of a million miles an hour. I was able to concentrate in my healing. This is why it’s getting better away from my sight and I’ve been able to get back to a gentle, light exercises. I’m also working harder than I did before … however, I’ve also required to be extremely smart in my approach to working with my colleagues. This is paying off this is fantastic.

It’s obvious that you’ve put your focus on your health and your family. Are you enjoying your time?

Absolutely. Arnold is 4years old, which means he’s the perfect age. He’s had two birthdays locked down however, we’ve been having an amazing time. It’s not easy to be a homeschooler, but all parents are and he was not in kinder or doing any of these things. This means I’m a full-time teacher of kinder and entertainer. I’m also his playmate since there are no siblings around him and it’s been very busy! However, I’ve been enjoying every moment I’ve spent together with Ed and Arnold and I’ll continue to prioritize my family as I do and take care of myself more effectively.

TV star with hubby Ed and son Arnold
TV star with hubby Ed and son Arnold

You’ve had plenty of things to do.

There’s been a lot that’s been going on! I started my own brand of activewear, Flex … It’s always been my love and activewear because I wore it to college at the time, in 2000, at a time when nobody wore activewear! I taught an exercise class, and later I would attend the lecture or tutorial, and people would say, “Ew, what is she wearing?”. It was like the full Lycra cycling shorts, all that you would wear to the gym, right? It’s been an enormous desire to launch Flex which has been a massive sellout and that’s a great thing. Another thing I’ve launched recently is my supplement company Nourish.

The TXO Life program has been making people active during lockdown also. What are you doing to stay active?

We’re fortunate to have a small gym in our home installed in our garage. However, I’ve been working on TXO also because it’s hard to get motivated in lockdown. And I’m sure I’m speaking to all of you who are feeling less content, your schedules for work have changed, and I’m now with a baby who isn’t in his normal routine. Finding time for me was difficult after I had found the time, I had to find motivation was a bit more difficult. the fact that … I was thinking. “I need a mentor, I need to stick to a program,” and so I went through TXO Life. And I’m into love with the program again. Ed returns home, and I’m working out for myself. The screen shows Tiff in the background, saying, “Star Jumps!” And he’s like “You’re working out with yourself?” And I’m like “I don’t think it’s that weird. Is it that weird?” I’m not sure. I’m so familiar with it. I am in love with it!

 launched her range of supplements
launched her range of supplements

You’ve always been a busy person. How can you motivate you to take a step back?

Nowadays, it’s about taking those break times for yourself throughout your daily … You need to incorporate them into your schedule, which I do this in my diary. It’s like having a meeting, Zoom, interview, Zoom and I’ll add “green time”. They’re nourishing, rejuvenating breaks I require all day long to keep my energy high.

What do you need to know about HTML0? deal with the balance between working and raising children?

Oh my god, it’s an all-team effort. I have amazing babysitters who can help. My mum is extremely active and Arnold has fantastic grandparents who take care of him too. However, Ed me and Ed are fortunate – we have a lot in common – we are able to manage our lives very well. My husband is employed on the morning radio, which means the time he finishes his work is around 9-9.30am and is home by 9:30. This means that I begin work around 9.30 … The schedule is definitely a juggle, but you know, I simply do a three to four hours of intense work during those times that Arnold is in kinder after which he’s at home and I need to be focused on his needs. It’s the way of life, and he’s always first.

The couple have been married
The couple have been married

After all you’ve accomplished over the past few years What’s next?

I’m in the process of launching Evergreen the next Flex collection, which will be available in November. There’s a new initiative that just went live due to the fact that everyone is feeling awful after lockdowns here in Victoria. Some people are obese, unfit and don’t know how to begin their journey to fitness. This is why I’ve created my comeback challenge of four weeks. Everybody needs to get back on track … It’s returning to feeling healthy and as we were before Lockdown and COVID. Let’s forget about all that has happened to us and forget about the back-to-backs, we’re all set to make a comeback. Therefore, I’m very enthusiastic about this endeavor. I’m going to need it for myself.

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