Sam Burgess strips down to reveal radical weight loss
Sam Burgess strips down to reveal radical weight loss

SAS Australia Winner Sam Burgess Strips Down To Reveal Radical Weight Loss

Former NRL player Sam Burgess has taken to Instagram to showcase his incredible transformation only a day after becoming the sole recruit to pass an SAS Australia selection.

This week, the former footballer was announced as only celebrity to be given selection on the difficult military-style course which was home to 18 athletes at the beginning of the series.

On Wednesday, he displayed how much it cost him.

The night was the one following SAS decision,” Burgess told fans on Instagram. “Minus 8.5kgs down. We can say that I’ve been able to add a few kilograms to gain.”

The actor also expressed gratitude to his followers for their loyalty.

“What a ride – thanks for your overwhelming support.”

Sam Burgess also spoke with Sunrise earlier this week about his rollercoaster experiences during his time on SAS Australia after being the last star left on the reality series.

Watch Sam talk in the video above to Sunrise via the video above.

“It was such a rollercoaster emotionally, physically and mentally, but it was such a wonderful experience,” Burgess shared with Kochie and Nat on Sunrise.

“There were numerous times on the show that were really uncomfortable, but it didn’t really cross my mind to exit the show, I went in with the intention to complete the show and get right to the end.”

Sam Burgess strips down to reveal radical weight loss
Sam Burgess strips down to reveal radical weight loss

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Burgess revealed his struggles with sport and his personal life on the program and also about the breakup that he and his wife went through.

The 32-year old said he had decided to remain “honest and upfront” to “stop people whispering” and “telling stories” as well as to dispel “rumours out in the press.”

“You don’t realize that cameras are on 24/7. Food is scarce, exhausted, and you go into states of being very emotionally,” he revealed.

“It also provided me with the opportunity to grow as a person and to also teach myself that you must continue to grow in your life.

“Some of it was really hard to do, I’m still doing the work now, but it was such a great experience.”

The new season for SAS Australia launches on Seven and 7Plus on Monday and everyday Aussies will be playing the course instead of famous people.

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