Abbie is the new host of BINGE's FBoy Island.
Abbie is the new host of BINGE's FBoy Island.

Grab Some Popcorn, Because Another Episode Of Abbie Chatfield’s New Show ‘FBOYS’ Is Here.

Three years ago, Abbie Chatfield attempted, unsuccessfully, to find love on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor. While she failed to win the astrophysicist’s heart, she did manage to kickstart what has been a jam-packed career. And her latest project is a very full circle moment as she tries to help other young women find love!

Yes, the host of the It’s A Lot podcast has joined forces with the streaming service BINGE to host their first original reality TV show, FBOY Island.

The 10-episode series “will follow three Australian women on their quest to find love,” according to a press release. “Helping each other navigate the world of dating as they try to figure out who are the self-proclaimed “nice guys” looking for love and who are the self-proclaimed “FBoys” only there to play the game and win the cash prize.”

Abbie is “so excited” to be hosting the series. She said, “I can’t wait to work on a dating show that encourages women to work together and support each other in the pursuit of love, and separates the charming FBoys from the lovely nice guys.”

So, where can you watch it, who is in it, and why is there already trouble on FBOY Island? Keep reading to find out everything we know so far.

Abbie is the new host of BINGE's FBoy Island.
Abbie is the new host of BINGE’s FBoy Island.

When does FBOY Island premiere?

FBOY Island Australia is now on BINGE, so if you want to watch it now, sign up here for a 14-day free trial. Every Monday, there are new shows.

Who is in the FBOY Island cast?
The show is hosted by Abbie, and it follows Molly O’Halloran, Sophie Blackley, and Ziara Rae as they try to find love in Australia.

We got to go to FBOY Island and meet some of the group. Then we sat down with the girls and talked about everything FBoys. Look over the talks.

Why does FBOY Island cause so much trouble?

You might want to eat something before you watch this.

Basically, everything started when Abbie called out Brittany Hockley for making “slut-shaming” comments about her while she was on the radio with Kyle Sandilands (read more about that here). Then Brittany made a comment that Abbie didn’t like. She said that the podcast host had “internalized misogyny.”

Then Laura Byrne, a close friend of Brittany’s and co-host of the podcast Life Uncut, spoke up to support Brittany and attack Abbie.

“Talks about dismantling the patriarchy,” Laura wrote on Instagram, “but announces that they will be having F-Boy Island. A show where guys try to win money by lying to women and playing with their feelings.

Laura said, “That’s enough Internet for me for today,” and then she posted, “The absolute hypocrisy.”

She went on: “Just to be clear, F-Boy Island is already a series in the US. The New Zealand franchise hired a man who choked a woman and brought her to his house to have sex with him. This is because they didn’t do background checks. Even though this is the AU version, as a feminist I would never be a part of this series.

Abbie was quick to defend her own stories, saying, “There are so many parts of the show that don’t do that. I can’t say what they are because they are surprises.” I can tell you it’s not that, though. Laura, if that was the idea of the show, I wouldn’t sign up for it. So I think you should talk about what your co-host did instead of trying to get back at them in such a weird and passive-aggressive way. At least tag me, babe.

She went on, saying, “I can promise you that this show is not about that. I’ll give the FBoys trouble, and they’ll get what they earn. We might also be able to change some of the FBoys, like they’ve done many times in the U.S. series.

Abbie then spoke to her fans and told them, “Don’t be fooled by the name, and don’t be fooled by someone who is trying to get back at you.”

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Where can you find FBOY Island?

You can watch the new reality show on BINGE, both live and on-demand, for free for 14 days.

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