Meet the New Members of the SAS Australia 2023

SAS Australia is definitely coming back in 2023, so it’s time to put on your combat boots and brush off your camo.

Over the course of 10 hard days in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert, 14 new recruits, who range from Olympic winners to reality TV stars, will be put through their paces by Chief Instructor Ant Middleton.

Ant told Seven about the new season, “There’s a good mix of recruits this season. There are different skills and, of course, some weaknesses that we have to work on right away.”

Even though SAS Australia is starting its fourth season, Ant tells the trainees not to think that their journey will get easier.

“That’s exactly what we want them to think, because that belief is the root of all mistakes. We are always getting better at how we feel and think. This series is just the same.”

With more than 4,000 rounds of blank ammo, 76 smoke grenades, and 25 kilograms of C4 explosive, the 2023 season of SAS Australia will be one of the most exciting to date.

Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about SAS Australia 2023 as the trainees get ready to fight their way through a series of tough tests.

When does 2023 SAS Australia begin?

The first episode of SAS Australia 2023 will air on Seven and 7Plus on Monday, October 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Who is in the SAS Australia 2023 cast?

Steph Rice

What did you find out about yourself because of this?

“I’ve always felt that the part of me that was very driven, tough, and competitive went away when I stopped swimming. The class showed me that I still have that girl inside me. She just needed a way to get out and some experience to do so. I will always be thankful for the time I spent there.”

Anderson Zima

What did you find out about yourself because of this?

“I found out I’m strong. Amazingly strong. I need to stop doing things to show people how strong I am. My skill, ability, and strength have no limits. I know this in my heart now.”

Mahalia “Molly” Murphy

Was SAS Australia more or less difficult than you thought it would be?

“It’s getting harder. I felt like there was so much going on. You had to be ready in your mind to move at any time. The heat, the sand dunes, the challenges of the course, and having to do hard jobs right after each other all made it hard.

Peter Bolt

What did you find out about yourself because of this?

“That my mind is a powerful tool, and when it’s in sync with my body, I can do great things.”

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Boyd C. Cordner

What did you find difficult about the SAS process?

“The way we slept and the fact that we could be attacked at any time of night. Everything had to be ready to go at all times.”

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