Anna and Chris
Anna and Chris

What Caused Chris Pratt and Anna Faris divorced?

The day that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation following eight years of union It created shock waves in Hollywood. The two actors appeared ideal for their relationship. However, their fairy-tale romance came to an end when they split in December 2017. They then they divorced in October of 2018.

Why did they split apart after having been in a relationship for so long and what’s the state of Their relationship looked like after the break-up?

Love at first sight

Chris as well as Anna began their relationship on “Take Me Home Tonight” in 2007. Chris’s character even made a proposal to Anna’s character on the trailer.

Anna is already a renowned film star prior to becoming Chris Pratt’s spouse. She was best known for her performance as Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie film franchise.

Evidently, Chris wanted to propose to Anna when he first met Anna.

Anna and Chris
Anna and Chris

“I was aware that I would like to get married very soon after meeting her ]” the man told an interviewer of PEOPLE..

“It took me a while to admit it, as it’s a bit insane to say “I’d like to get married to you’ the very first time I got to know her. It’s possible!”

But there were obstacles on the way – particularly Anna Faris’s husband of his time Ben Indra. After Anna quit her husband after a few months of filming the movie, she and Chris immediately began dating.

They were engaged in 2008 but Anna was aware that Chris was planning to propose for months before Chris asked him to marry her and found the engagement rings at the bottom of the car in an accident. Chris finally proposed to Anna for her birthday on the same day and they were married in 2009 in an exquisite wedding ceremony in Bali.

On August 12, 2012 Anna had a baby boy, Jack and they looked like the perfect image of an happy family. Anna posted a photo of Jack Chris and Chris and captioned it with, “My main men.”

“Anna and I were intended to become one,” Chris said during an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit.

“Our relationship has helped me believe in the power of God and fate, as my erratic career and how I came to this place.”

They certainly seemed to be the ideal pair. But the stress of being Hollywood stars could soon cause stress upon their marriage.

Rumours and gossip

Following their wedding at the end of 2009 Chris quickly landed his breakthrough part in the role of Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation and the industry was abuzz about the hot newcomer.

He was awarded an Best Supporting Actor nomination for the character of Andy in the movie, and soon was acting in major Hollywood film. The biggest change came when he became a leading man after he played the role of Star-Lord Peter Quill in the hit Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy.

In May 2012 the couple announced they had their first child. Then, in August, Anna delivered their first son, Jack. In 2013 Chris was busy working on his work on Jurassic Worldand Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rumours of Chris was not faithful began to circulate, as did the rumours that Chris was cheating. Anna began to talk with the news media regarding the impact the rumors caused to their relationship.

Anna, Chris and their son Jack
Anna, Chris and their son Jack

On her own podcast “Unqualified, “It made me feel extremely unsecure. Chris with me, I discuss this often. We wrestle with many of the notions of being a couple who are public”.

Divorce and separation

After the couple announced their split on August 7th the 7th of August, 2017. They both shared the following statement to their personal social networks:

“Anna me and my husband are very sad to announce that we’re legally separated. We fought for a long time and are very sad. Our son has two parents that cherish him deeply and for his benefit we’d like to keep this matter as private as we can going ahead. We have a lot of love for each otherand will be grateful for our time together and will continue to enjoy the most respect for one another.”

Anna, Chris
Anna, Chris

In the 2021 episode of the podcast she hosts, Anna was reflecting on the relationship she had with Chris and acknowledged that she did not discuss her concerns about her ex with her friends and family and neither did he.

“After every breakup, the point where I realize there are many things I didn’t do which I shouldn’t have done,” she said to her guest Rachel Blison.

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Chris and Katherine

Despite their split, Chris and Anna have been able to remain on good terms. After Chris as well as Katherine announced their wedding through social media platforms, Anna quickly sent them a message of congratulations via Instagram by commenting on both Katherine’s and Chris’s posts.

Anna confessed to todaythat Chris also phoned her to inform her that he was planning make a proposal to Katherine. After their split, Anna had nothing but positive things to speak about her ex-boyfriend and claimed that neither held any grudges.

Chris and Katherine
Chris and Katherine

Anna spoke in her podcast “Sweet Chris, my ex was engaged to Katherine this morning, and I’m so thrilled for both of them. I knew it would take place and I am so happy for her and I cherish him. I’m so grateful that they met each other.”

The public, however, tends to be defensive of Anna with regards to the subject of their divorce. In an Instagram post that featured him with Katherine, Chris wrote “She’s Katherine has given me an incredible life, a beautiful healthy child, she chews so loudly that at times I have to put on my earbuds to drown out the noise But that’s the way love works!”

The public was divided on the issue of Jack was removed from the blog and were unsure about the fact regarding the way he’d described his daughter Katherine and Katherine, Lyla Marie, as healthy considering the fact that Jack was born prematurely.

In any case, considering the strength of Anna Chris’s love affair We doubt that there will have any issues between them.

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