Will gave a very tearful acceptance speech.
Will gave a very tearful acceptance speech.

Will Smith Addresses Why He Took A Snap During Oscars Acceptance Speech

The actor Will Smith has offered confused viewers an explanation of the reason Smith snapped at Chris Rock during today’s 2022 Academy Awards.

If you didn’t catch the event, Will took to the stage, where Chris Rock was presenting an award during the ceremony . He hit him with a hammer following the time Chris made jokes about the wife of his, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Will took on Chris on stage and was evidently attacking the actor in front of him which caused the shock of the other actors watching in the back.

After hitting Chris, Will could be heard shouting “keep your wife’s name from your mouth” twice as Chris was in shock.

Shortly after the altercation, Will
Shortly after the altercation, Will

After the incident, Will was awarded Best Actor for his part on The King Richard King Richard, a movie that tells the story of the father of the famous tennis-playing twins, Venus and Serena Williams.

“Richard Williams was a ferocious defender of the family he loved,” he began tearfully possibly referring to the incident that took place just moments prior.

“I am aware that for us to perform like we do you’ve to be able to endure criticism, and you’ve got to be able to let people talk about your. In the world of business it’s essential to be able to deal with people who are disrespectful of you, and then you’ve to be able to smile and act that it’s not a problem,” he continued.

He continued to say that his friend and fellow actor Denzel Washington had warned him a few minutes ago that “at your most awe-inspiring moment be cautious, it’s when the devil is waiting to you”.

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Will gave a very tearful acceptance speech.
Will gave a very tearful acceptance speech.

“I would like to be an instrument of affection,” he said, saying he wanted to thank Venus as well as Serena and their families for letting him share their story.

“I would like to apologize to the Academy as well as to my peers who were nominated … This is a wonderful time,” he continued.

“Art mimics life: I am like the crazy father exactly like the words they used to describe Richard Williams. However, love can make you perform crazy things.”

“I would like to see if you’re invited to the Academy invites me to return,” he said with laughter.

Will appeared to be irritated by an impromptu joke from Chris about Jada playing a role in a sequel to the film GI Jane in which the main character is wearing hair that is shaved.

Jada is suffering from Alopecia, has been forthcoming with followers about her battle with the disease.

Chris Rock is yet to speak out on the incident during the awards ceremony.

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