Fans have tipped Mckenna, Caitlin, and Ellie as Ben's top three.
Fans have tipped Mckenna, Caitlin, and Ellie as Ben's top three.

Has the winner of The Bachelors Australia 2023 been leaked?

The Bachelor is back for a second season in 2023, and the battle for the final rose is getting tough. There has been a lot of drama in the search for Bachelor Wesley, Ben, and Luke’s heart, from shocking statements to tense group dates.

Some fans are already sure they know which girl will win the hearts of all the potential bachelors as the number of girls left in the Bachelor mansion continues to drop.

People who want to find out who will win The Bachelors 2023 can use social media and sites like Sportsbet to find out who other people think will win.

Luke Bateman, Ben Waddell, Wesley Senna Cortes.
Luke Bateman, Ben Waddell, Wesley Senna Cortes.

Who will win The Bachelors Australia 2023?

Fans think that 29-year-old beauty worker Ellie will sweep Luke Bateman off his feet. The odds are currently $1.54 in favour of Ellie. Bateman is a country boy who used to play rugby league.

Aarthi, a 29-year-old health project manager, is very close behind Ellie. She has odds of $3.00 to become Luke’s second favourite matchmaker.

The likeable lumberjack has made some strong links in the mansion, but some fans still think there is a small chance that Like will leave the competition still single. The odds are $7.00 for Luke to leave the competition alone.

choose Ellie or Aarthi?
choose Ellie or Aarthi?

After being dramatically dumped by contestant Anastasia on his most recent group date, fans think that model Ben Waddell will fall in love with PR manager Mckenna, who is 25 years old. The odds are currently $1.57. Second place goes to Caitlin, 25-year-old jewellery salesperson, with chances of $4.00. She is behind Mckenna. Fans may think that Ellie is Bachelor Luke’s ideal match, but some also think that her chemistry with the environmentalist puts her in the running for his final rose. The chances are currently $5.00.

Fans have tipped Mckenna, Caitlin, and Ellie as Ben's top three.
Fans have tipped Mckenna, Caitlin, and Ellie as Ben’s top three.

Fans think that Bachelor Wesley Senna Cortes will find his lifelong match in 25-year-old mining executive Brea, because his faith will help him through the competition. The odds are currently $1.72 in his favour.

Fans think that out of the three Bachelors, Wesley is the most likely to leave the race without finding The One. The odds of Wesley leaving alone are currently in second place at $2.00.

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Fans think it’s more likely that he will live alone, but some think he could still have a chance with 27-year-old interior designer Jade. The odds are only $7.00 for that to happen.

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