Domenica and Ella May
Domenica and Ella May

Olivia Frazer, From Married at First Sight, Talks About Her Fight With Domenica Calarco.

Olivia Frazer, who was on Married at First Sight, has talked about her fight with Domenica Calarco, who was also on the show.

When a fan asked Olivia on Instagram if she had put their old “beef” behind them, Olivia replied.

“I have always been willing to try mediation or any other way to make things right.” “I’ve moved on,” Olivia wrote, adding, “This is my opinion only.”

The latest news about the reality TV feud comes almost a year after Domenica got in trouble for criticising Olivia’s February MAXIM cover story. The star said, “Sex scandals and social media…Olivia probably knows a lot about it.

Olivia also talked about her connection with Harrison Boon, a controversial MAFS groom. She wrote, “I gave him a chance and he burned me like he does everyone else.”

Additionally, the reality star praised Harrison’s ex-“wife,” Bronte Schofield, saying, “is and has always been my girl and is one of the toughest cookies I know.”

Married at First Sight’s Olivia Frazer Shares Update On Feud with Domenica Calarco

Domenica and Olivia
Domenica and Olivia

In August 2022, Domenica talked to Woman’s Day about Olivia’s claims that she got special treatment from production because of her social media accounts.

“Favouritism doesn’t exist.” Everyone there still had their passwords on them… “We could use social media while [MAFS] was on,” Domenica said.

“We only gave them access to our social media when the show aired and they were posting on our behalf.” I don’t understand what she means. They may have taken hers, but I’m not sure.

The feud between the two women
The feud between the two women

It was early August 2022, and Olivia said that her social media accounts were “shut down” while the latest season of the show was being filmed. Domenica, on the other hand, didn’t say that.

Olivia wrote on her Instagram story, “I had a problem with Dom getting special treatment by production, like being able to keep her social media accounts public and active during filming.”

“(Which I showed producers and my co-stars, which is why there was a “photo scandal”) when the other 21 of us had to block their accounts or give them our passwords.”

At the time, Domenica and her best friend and co-star Ella Ding laughed off the reports. She also told Woman’s Day what she thought about the whole thing.

“When I did something wrong, I got in trouble more than once.” “For example, I would go to Ella’s room when we weren’t supposed to, or I would get in trouble with Ella for talking on the phone when we weren’t supposed to,” Dom said about the shooting process.

“There was no such thing as a good edit.” I did not get any care. It wasn’t done. It wasn’t possible to get better care.

Domenica and Ella May
Domenica and Ella May

She also said Olivia and Jackson Lonie, who played Olivia’s “husband,” left the set for a day, which made the producers very angry.

“They can film you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on the weekends, but I remember they just drove off.” They rented a car and left.

“So if she thinks that all the producers were against her because she didn’t get a good edit, then she was also doing things against producers,” Dom said.

Do what they say and follow their rules. It’s easier that way. You won’t get in trouble. “It will be harder for you if you go against what they say and do things they say you shouldn’t do,” she said.

Domenica claims Olivia
Domenica claims Olivia

It is well known that Dom and Olivia fought on the show. It started when Olivia said things about Dom that made her angry, like “her voice was annoying” and “too loud.”

Olivia is accused of sharing a picture of Domenica with the other brides and grooms to promote her OnlyFans account. This made things worse.

Since then, the fight has been going on for months, but Domenica says she’s trying to move on.

Dominique says, “I’m just trying to move on with my life, but she brings it up all the time.”

“You know what? I just want it to be over.” I knew what I was getting into when I decided to be on reality TV.

WHO and Woman’s Day have already asked Olivia and the Nine for a response.

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