Professional Race Car Driver and Woman Pulled From $500,000 Wreckage

A rescuer who, pulled a pair of a car, helped in saving the lives of a man, who is a professional race car driver, and a woman from being trapped in a burning car wreckage, worth $500,000, on the Gold Coast says he did “what anyone else would do”.

Professional Race Car Driver and Woman Pulled From $500,000 Wreckage

Stephen Goodall was one of the very first on the scene after the driver lost control of a McLaren 720S, flying through a roundabout and into a power pole after which the $500,000 car burst into flames.
Goodall, still in his pajamas, dragged the pair from the wreckage.
“The girl was unconscious and the guy was in a lot of pain,” he said.
“All that entered my mind was getting over to that car and making sure people were safe.
“No hero, just doing what anyone else would do.”
There are footage that captured the horrific incident.
“I just pulled him out of the car … his leg is buggered and she can’t remember going to dinner or anything and she can’t remember getting out of the car,” said to a bystander Goodall.
Both of them in the pair were in there 30s, had been driving in Bundall before they crashed at about 10pm on Thursday on the corner of Ashmore Road and Upton Street.
The man was treated for a broken leg while the woman was treated for head injuries.
The outcome of the crash could have been very different said the Adam Flory from Queensland Ambulance  Service.
“If it wasn’t for the courageous effort from bystanders to remove these persons from the vehicle, we definitely would have had a different situation here tonight,” he said.
Both Pappas and the woman were taken to Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

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