Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken return.
Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken return.

Meet The Contestants Of Married At First Sight Australia 2022

Married at First Sight Australia will return in 2022 with a new cast. A fresh batch of single hopefuls puts their romantic future in the hands of the series’ love experts. We can’t wait to see the chaos.

After last year’s finale, which attracted 1.4 million viewers, the show has big shoes to fill.

It also delivered on real-life love stories once. Two couples, Melissa Rawson & Bryce Ruthven, as well as Johnny Balbuziente & Kerry Knight, are still together a year after they met on the show. It looks like experts have figured it out with these couples.

Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling, and John Aiken (who replaced Trisha in 2021) will all return to their respective roles on the show.

Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken return.
Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken return.

The most important part of the season is the new brides/grooms who are looking for love in a very difficult place. Despite Rihanna’s remark that it is not too pessimistic to say so, only five couples are still together after the Married at First Sight Australia’s eight previous seasons.

Five of 72 couples? Newbies, may the odds ever be in your favor.

Who can fans look forward this year to seeing on-screen? There’s a florist and a model as well as a hairstylist, business executive, and DJ. There are also a few social media influencers.

Scroll down to see the cast members who have been revealed thus far


Domenica, 27

Domenica, who goes by Dom, is described as an “efeisty” Italian makeup artist. She is loyal, outgoing, and passionate. She’s been married twice before and is looking for a lasting love – if her walls can be broken down.

Dom was married to her ex-partner for four years. Her first marriage ended after only two months. She felt like a failure and decided to end the relationship. Dom hopes to find chemistry again with her husband, despite being afraid to try it again. She also wants to have a large Italian family.


Ella, 27

Ella Ding, a Melbourne-based beauty therapist, was recognized from the first teaser. She also had friendships with Sam Carraro and former MAFS stars Michael Brunelli.

Ella has been described as “hot” and “edgy”. She is known for being unapologetic straight-talker, with a tendency to share too much. Ella also dislikes lazy and closed-minded men. We already love her.

Ella, who has been single for nine-years, is looking for a “partner to share life with”. Ella believes that strong sexual connections are the mark of a healthy relationship.


Al, 25

Al, a carpenter from NSW is cheeky and affectionate. Al could also be described as a “stay at home” son. Al still lives with his parents (his mom does the cooking, washing and cleaning) and has never been to a woman he is serious about. He knows that it’s time for him to move on.

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Al’s greatest obstacle to a committed relationship is his fear that he might be rejected. He admitted that he is “worried” about the possibility of his bride being rejected when he turns around to see his bride at the altar for the first time.

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