Jamie-Lee with Darvid Garayeli,
Jamie-Lee with Darvid Garayeli,

Jamie Lee Dayz is ‘open and hopeful’ to finding love potentially as the Bachelorette

As with all love stories from the show Bachelorette follow the one who is chosen is required to have their heart broken. in the end, when Brooke Blurton’s season was coming to the end last night and Jamie-Lee Dayz was the one who finished second.

Brooke was one of the very first bisexuals and First Nations Bachelorette, ended in selecting Darvid Garayeli and expressing her affection for him in an emotional exchange.

Prior to this, she was charged with informing Jamie-Lee of the news.

Jamie Lee Dayz is ‘open and hopeful’ to finding love

“You are stunning both inside and out, You make me feel that you are I’m the only girl on earth. I’ve been really interested in exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship,” Brooke said, before telling Jamie-Lee that she wasn’t her ideal partner.

But Jamie-Lee has displayed nothing except kindness and appreciation ever since and appears to be displaying only genuine affection, love, and joy for the couple they have just married.

“Obviously it was difficult to look back at but I’m happy that I could discern the connection to Brooke as well as Darvid,” she admitted to WHO via phone earlier this morning.

Jamie-Lee with Darvid Garayeli,
Jamie-Lee with Darvid Garayeli,

“It was so powerful that it makes it easy to understand why she picked him.

“Darvid is an incredible man, it’s made it more comfortable to know the loss I’m making to a man who is extremely welcoming … as well as an extremely nice person.”

Jamie-Lee went on to say that she Darvid and Darvid were close friends while filming. she also had moments when she relied on Darvid to provide assistance.

“There was one time that I was at a gathering, I was anxious to walk up and talk to Brooke … It was nervous about interruptingher, because of the situations and Darvid took me to Brooke and said “here, go and I’m your support system”,” she said.

“I believe it’s an incredible testament to the kind of man who he is. It’s also the kind of cast we saw this season,” she said.

“I did not have the girl, however, I’ve come through this with a lot of friends and family members, and I could not be more than grateful.

“I truly feel blessed.”

Jamie-Lee appeared on “The Bachelor prior to and this is the point at which her love story with Brooke began.

Both were contestants in Nick Cummins’ 2018 season of the show in which he famously picked nobody at the close.

Jamie-Lee has stated the fact that she was in close proximity to Brooke in the mansion however, after she went away, she felt like Brooke and Nick would be in a relationship, and the timing was never right to open up about her feelings since.

Could Jamie-Lee
Could Jamie-Lee

In comparing the two episodes Jamie-Lee appeared convinced that the situation had taken an important move towards the right direction for the franchise.

“The last season I was in was extremely unflattering, which is was not the case this year and I’m feeling like I’ve made an incredible, amazing friendly, supportive friends” she told me.

She also mentioned how happy she was to have been a participant in the first season with women and men.

“I believe that this ought to have been done in the past and I’m very satisfied with Brooke for getting her feet up and saying , ‘no, we’re going to need this now and I’m not planning to take this action without it happening,” Jamie-Lee admitted.

With all the experience she’s had of the series, we decided to inquire if she would be interested in becoming the Bachelorette in the event that there are there could be more raunchy seasons coming up.

“It’s something I’d like to be willing to consider, as I’m among those who like to get into the world and not refuse possibilities,” she explained.

“If I’m still single , and it comes up, there’s the possibility but for now, I’m just looking for love, hopefully in a genuine and normal manner,” she laughed.

Jamie-Lee has revealed that she’s “open and optimistic about finding romance, and that there’s no conflict among her and Brooke.

“We’ve received a couple of texts here and there but we’re not close now We’ll still maintain that level of friendship and respect,” she said.

“We’ve been friends for a long time, and I can’t imagine that changing.

“I do not think we’ll be close any time soon however, we’re in support of one another from afar.”

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