Will Minee boyfriend Louis
Will Minee take the win from her house-boyfriend Louis

Has the winner of Big Brother Australia 2023 been leaked?

Big Brother 2023 is now officially underway, and the last few contestants are now in the final stages of the game.

As tensions rise and alliances form, the strategic side of life in the Big Brother house has quickly come into play. Each roommate is now carefully considering who they want to vote out for each elimination.

Some housemates may have been more sneaky than others, but everyone is still very interested in finding out who will be the last one left. Fans all over the country can’t wait for the final elimination.

While the number of people in the house slowly decreases, fans already think they know who will win the $100,000 prize. Fan groups and betting sites like Sportsbet offer useful information about who fans think will win Big Brother Australia for 2023.

Who will win 2023’s Big Brother Australia?

Fans think that Louis is the most likely winner of Big Brother Australia, with chances of $2.10. He may have been the first person to win Minee’s heart, but fans also think that Louis’s strategic edge makes him the best choice.

Sisters Tay and Ari are right behind Louis. Fans think they are the second most likely to win, with odds of $3.50, because they have recently become more smart.

Will Louis
Will Louis take home the Big Brother win

Fans think that Dion’s chances of winning Big Brother aren’t as good as those of his other housemates, even though he may be the house’s most interesting figure. His odds of winning are third, at $4.33.

Even though Perth model Minee has caught the attention of many of the housemates, she doesn’t seem to have won over Big Brother fans. With chances of $6.00, Minee is currently in fourth place.

Will Minee boyfriend Louis
Will Minee take the win from her house-boyfriend Louis

Lewis is in fifth place, a long way behind Minee. Fans don’t like that he chose to take $5,000 cash instead of returning his best friend Graciemae to the race; Lewis’s odds are currently $13.00.

Josh and Taylah are right behind Lewis with $15.00 and $17.00. Fans don’t think they are strong enough rivals to win, even though they may both have strong relationships with other housemates.

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