Caitlin, Emily and Megan filming
Caitlin, Emily and Megan filming

Aussie Actors From Overseas Are Back Home For a New Prime Video Comedy Series

Amazon Prime Video has announced the creation of a brand new Aussie series called Class of 2007 which will see the return of actors Caitlin Stasey and Emily Browning and Megan Smart to the local screen.

The three actresses, including two of whom have appeared on an Australian soapie industry and will be located on New South Wales while taking part in the Class of 2007.

Megan and Caitlin shared the news via social media today.

Aussie Actors From Overseas Are Back Home For a New Prime Video Comedy Series

“I am thrilled to be part of this amazing good estrogen-fueled, female-friendship love story. We’ve filmed for one week and our menstrual cycles have already started to sync,” Megan joked on Instagram.

“I must go right now. My planet requires my help,” Caitlin wrote, possibly refers to her return to film.

It is described as a “high-concept comedy series, Class of ’07 will be a comedy about three students who are attending their 10th high school reunion, waiting to wait for an apocalyptic tsunami to arrive.

Caitlin, Emily and Megan filming
Caitlin, Emily and Megan filming

The women’s group comprising Caitlin, Emily and Megan and Megan, must find the best way to survive on the island the high school without getting into an Lord of the Flies like situation.

Class of 2007 is among fourteen Australian Amazon Originals that has been ordered from 2910 and is produced by Kacie Anning, a prestigious Australian director from Australia.

“I am excited to be underway on our all-female ensemble comedy, with our insanely talented cast and crew,” Kacie has stated.

Caitlin began her career in her first appearance on the Australian tiny screen appearing in the role of Rachel Kinski in Neighbours from 2005 until the year 2009. She decided to leave it in the year 2008 to concentrate on her final high school exam and her final scenes being aired in the early part of the year.

After that, she went on to play Ellie Linton in Tomorrow, When the War Began as well as the critically well-reviewed Australian television series I’d Like You to Take a Look at Me.

She also starred for the part of Kenna on her role in US show Reign Reign, which is a remake about the history of Mary Queen of Scots.

Megan Smart
Megan Smart

Megan However, she rose to prominence in The Secret Daughter In the film, she played Jessica Mauboy.

She was as a character in The Naked Wanderer and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, before joining the cast of Home and Away for a brief period in 2021.

Emily Browning has been working internationally since 2002, after she was on the screen in Ghost Ship, which was a sequel to with Lemony Snicket’s series of Unfortunate Events in 2004.

Since then, she’s been featured in her horror feature film The Uninvitedaction movie Sucker Punch and the independent film Sleeping Beauty. In the most recent episode, she was a character in the role of Laura Moon on the series American Gods.

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