Despite Michael Jackson's contributions to pop-culture history and music history there has always been controversy over his skin color. Before we get into the details, let's first address some urgent questionsa
Despite Michael Jackson's contributions to pop-culture history and music history there has always been controversy over his skin color.Before we get into the details, let's first address some urgent questionsa

Michael Jackson’s Skin: How did Michael Jackson become white?

Despite Michael Jackson’s contributions to pop-culture history and music history there has always been controversy over his skin color.

Before we get into the details, let’s first address some urgent questions.

Michael Jackson's
Michael Jackson’s

How did Michael Jackson turn white?

Michael Jackson’s dark skin tone is mostly due to Vitiligo, a genetic skin condition that causes patches of his skin turn white.

Did Michael Jackson Get Vitiligo?

Yes, he did. He experienced a loss of skin pigmentation. It started as small spots and then spread over his entire body.

Did Michael Jackson Bleach His Skin?

Some sources claim that Jackson had been bleaching his skin. Jackson and his closest family members never confirmed this.

How did Michael Jackson’s cosmetic surgery affect his skin?

Michael did not experience any changes in his skin color after the plastic surgery.


Do His Children Michael Jr., Prince and Paris Jackson Have The Same Skin Conditions?

Paris Jackson and Michael Jr. have not yet inherited the vitiligo from their father. However, Latoya Jackson confirmed that Prince already shows signs of pale patches. The possibility exists that Prince has had vitiligo treated.

Take a closer look at Michael Jackson’s transformation

Let’s now get to the important questions.


Michael Jackson had vitiligo, as do many others who have the condition. Jackson had it inherited from his father.
Jackson noticed his skin as a teenager. He began to notice pale spots on his skin. Many believe that Jackson’s skin condition inspired the creation of the dazzling white glove.


Many people believe that Michael Jackson used bleach to lighten his skin. J. Randy Taraborelli is a celebrity biographer who stated that Jackson used over-the-counter skin whitening to lighten his skin. John Landis, an American director, stated that Jackson had bleached his chest.

Michael Jackson denied this even though there was ample evidence. He claimed that he used thick layers of makeup in order to even his skin tone. Close friends and family members would not confirm Michael Jackson’s use bleaching products even after his death.

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michael jackson pic
michael jackson pic

Plastic Surgery

Tabloids are aware of the rumour that Michael Jackson had his first nose job in his 20s. He broke his nose after a fall during a routine dance practice. He needed cosmetic surgery. He had difficulty breathing after his first surgery.

Many doctors speculated that he had more than just a rhinoplasty. A forehead lift is a procedure that lifts the eyebrows and smoothes out lines. It was also possible that he had undergone lip and cheek surgery.
Jackson’s autopsy report after his death revealed that Jackson had tattoos placed on his eyebrows to shape his eyebrows, as well as tattoos placed on his hairline in order to create the appearance of thicker hair.

Michael Jackson’s Artistic Journey with Vitiligo

His skin condition was nothing but a hindrance to his extraordinary talent. His skin condition was not a hindrance to his ability to shape and influence some of his greatest hits. Let’s look at key moments when the King of Pop made the most of his autoimmune condition.


Michael was born as an African American and became aware of the injustices that American society had done to the black community throughout his adulthood. Michael believed strongly in racial equality, black or white, throughout his entire life.

In 1991, Michael Jackson released Black. The song, which spoke from both his black heritage and his white appearance, and sought to break down racial tension. Although the song addresses racism, many speculate that it is also about Michael Jackson’s inability, due to his vitiligo, to identify as black or white.

Anti-Paparazzi Songs

Michael Jackson’s success in music has made him a constant topic of media attention. The paparazzi were never afraid to ask Jackson or his family questions about their skin condition, skin surgery, and skin bleaching.

Jackson’s music features anti-paparazzi themes, such as Leave Me Alone (featuring Janet Jackson), and Scream (featuring his sister Janet Jackson). These songs show that Jackson was averse to the constant harassment by the paparazzi.
Both songs were commercially successful, with Leave Me Alone reaching number one on the Billboard Top 100 and the Scream music videos receiving rave reviews from critics.

Oprah Interview

In a sit-down interview, Michael Jackson addressed the rumours with Oprah Winfrey. They discussed Jackson’s alleged skin-bleaching and being black in America.

He said that he is proud of his black heritage and that he will continue to identify himself as a black man, regardless of whether he is white or black.

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