Holly Kingston And Jimmy Nicholson
Holly Kingston And Jimmy Nicholson

Holly Kingston And Jimmy Nicholson Who Starred On The Bachelor, Are Still Dating?

Since the start of the program in 2013, The Bachelor Australia has hosted some of the most unforgettable love tales in reality television.

Holly Kingston, a participant from 2021, met Jimmy Nicholson after winning the rose ceremony, and the two announced their love during the heartbreaking finale.

Are Jimmy and Holly still together now that their time on The Bachelor is over?

Holly Kingston And Jimmy Nicholson Still Dating

After The Bachelor finale in late 2021, the couple first made their relationship known when Jimmy posted a touching Instagram homage to his new girlfriend.

“Holly, there are no words to express how grateful I am to having you in my life. I could not have hoped for a more ideal person to enter my life than you, you have been my rock for the past several months,” he said.

In an email to her followers, Holly added, “I can finally say I believe in the saying when you know… you know.”

“I’m so incredibly happy to tell you all that I’ve found my soul mate. I’d travel there on a bumpy road ten more times, but it was worth it.

Holly Kingston And Jimmy Nicholson
Holly Kingston And Jimmy Nicholson

Shortly after the conclusion, the couple recalled on their first moments together as Jimmy published another loving post with images of Holly and him on their prior single date at Uluru.
This morning I woke up next to the girl of my dreams,” he wrote.
“I want to thank everyone for their kindness and support. We are so grateful for everything, and we are a very happy couple right now. @jimmynicholson, LET’S. DO. THIS,” Holly added.

Holly Kingston And Jimmy Nicholson Who Starred On The Bachelor, Are Still Dating

Since the couple’s two-year declaration of love, their relationship has only grown stronger. Jimmy and Holly both frequently post updates about their relationship on social media.
Early in 2022, the couple also established 100 Honeymoons, which follows the Bachelor contestants as they look for the most romantic honeymoon experiences.
They stated in the statement that while they were “not married (or even engaged), these two are sure ready to take on their honeymoon(s).”
They had no idea that less than six months later they may be preparing to leave for their first honeymoon as husband and wife and making plans to get engaged in August 2022.

“The moment we will rewatch over and over for the rest of our lives” Even if our love story is strange, it is OURS. We are very pleased to be able to share these achievements with you, especially those who have been with us from the beginning,” Jimmy wrote on Instagram. Fans responded to his post with messages of love and support.

Fans were overjoyed to witness the Nicholson’s celebrate their marriage in a gorgeous Palm Beach ceremony 12 months after the couple’s official wedding.

Jimmy commented, “Thank you @hollykingston for making me the happiest man on earth,” next to a set of the couple’s wedding pictures.

“A dream to have our ceremony in Jimmy’s parents’ house, a place so dear to us.

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