Move Over Barbie!
Move Over Barbie!

Move Over Barbie! A Polly Pocket Film is Already Underway

It’s clean 2023 may be remembered because the 12 months of Barbie. As Greta Gerwig’s film made its July gold standard, Barbie pretty lots took over the arena. Sure there has been the film itself and the very extraordinary media tour that showcased Barbie high-style, however even on a local stage, Barbie turned into anywhere. From your hair tools on your shoe desire, or even winter oodies, Pink was in and we could not get away.

Now, as we await information on any sequels, we are satisfied to pay attention any other pint-sized traditional toy is getting its very own doll-to-display screen adaption: Polly Pocket.

each, you heard that right. Everyone’s favored stylish rubber doll is getting a live-movement remake.

It’s virtually no longer a tremendous new piece of statistics. The movie has been in the works in view that 2021 and already has some big names tied to the undertaking. And it’s safe to mention Mattel is sort of on a roll – 45 movies are reportedly deliberate, so Barbie and Polly Pocket are simplest the start!

Who will star inside the Polly Pocket Movie?

Although the Polly Pocket movie has been inside the works due to the fact 2021, info at the forged have remained pretty sparse.

We do understand Girls‘ star Lena Dunham is about to put in writing and direct the movie and the best actress that has been attached to the undertaking is Emily in Paris lead, Lily Collins.

“As a toddler who became obsessed with Polly Pocket, that is a actual dream come authentic and I can’t wait to convey these tiny toys to the massive screen,” Lily advised Variety in 2021.

Move Over Barbie!
Move Over Barbie!

What will the Polly Pocket Movie be about?

Again, information are sparse, however, while the assignment changed into first introduced, Variety mentioned that the film “will centre on a young female and a pocket-sized girl who shape a friendship.”

Lena also introduced that she was hoping to create a “clever playful” movie that might speak to younger women “with out condescension.”

“Polly Pocket became chargeable for endless hours of adolescence escapism for me–Polly gave me a tiny global of magic and autonomy to narrate, so it’s pretty poetic to be tackling those equal thoughts now as a director participating with the excellent Lily Collins, Robbie Brenner, Mattel and MGM,” she informed the book.

“I’m so pleased to carry to endure both my love of this historic belongings and additionally my deep-seated belief that younger women want smart playful films that talk to them with out condescension.”

Move Over Barbie!
Move Over Barbie!

In October 2022 Lena shared that she changed into in the manner of finishing the second draft of the script, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “we have a lot of fun with the concept of what takes place while a small individual encounters a large world.”

She additionally delivered that Lily Collin’s Polly Pocket might be *very* small in the movie, explaining that she became taking thought from “the unique teensy tiny ’90s length…They made her a touch larger now, which I assist, due to choking risks. But I’m writing ’90s tiny.”

When will the Polly Pocket Movie be released?

Whilst we know there is a script, a director/writer, and a lead star attached to the film..we have no idea when filming will begin, especially as we navigate the film industry amidst writers and actors strikes. But we will keep you updated.

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