Julie Goodwin
Julie Goodwin

Jake Paul In His 1.6m Boxing Costume Trolls His Rival

Jake Paul spent a lot of money on his fight against Tyron woodley, and couldn’t resist taking a swipe from another competitor.

After knocking out Tyron Whiteley on Sunday, Jake Paul called Tommy Fury “b***h”. But he began the trolling before the fight even started.

Fury, the younger brother to Tyson Fury, was scheduled to take on Paul in a celebrity grudge bout in Florida. However, he suffered a broken rib in his right rib and a chest infection.

Woodley was beaten by Woodley in August on points. Woodley stepped in as a replacement with less than two weeks notice. However, he probably regretted accepting the bout. He was flattened in the sixth round by a vicious overhand as Paul moved to 5-0 in professional boxing.

Fans claim Jake Paul win was ‘100% rigged’ after sneaky ‘signal’ before brutal KO

Woodley was praised by YouTube stars for his quick entry to the ring, as he attacked Fury, an Englishman. Paul wore a Union Jack flag outfit to his ringwalk, with one unfortunate detail.

It read, “Hey Tommy! Wish you could be here, but watching from a television is cool too.”

Paul also claimed in a prefight show that he would wear the most expensive boxing outfit for a fight. Reports suggest it was worth $AUD1.6 million.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

This social media phenomenon certainly did not disappoint. He wore shorts with two Rolex watches taped around his waistband. Also, he wore LCD screens at his bottom patriotic trunks which featured red, white, and blue stripes and stars.

Paul also walked to Village People’s 1978 YMCA, and fans interpreted his lyrics as another swipe at Fury.

The song begins with the words: “Young man there is no need to feel down.” “Young man, get up off the ground,” I said.

Jake Paul In His 1.6m Boxing Costume
Jake Paul In His 1.6m Boxing Costume

Six rounds into their rematch, Paul, 24, and Woodley (39), were facing boos from crowd members as the match failed to reach its full potential. Then suddenly landed a right hook right on the button and ended the show in dramatic fashion.

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Woodley was left face down on the ground for the count and lost to American celebrity for the second time.

Paul was quick to congratulate Fury after his win, and he again criticised Fury 22 for his withdrawal.

Paul stated, “This guy (Woodley), is a legend.” His UFC title career is not in jeopardy. We must respect his decision to fight Tommy Fury on two weeks notice.

“He quit the fight. This man is a true fighter, a dog who can fight and a champion. He is a legend and a formidable fighter.

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