Booka and Brett
Booka and Brett

Which Married At First Sight Couples In 2021 Are Still Married?

Even a pandemic won’t end Married at First Sight from coming back for the eighth season. This year was the eighth time that the team of experts gathered and put together a plethora of fascinating Aussie people looking for love.

In the absence of this year’s season there are only 3 couples out of the total of 60 remain together – Season two’s Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr and season six’s Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli and season six’s Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson who were legally got married in November of 2019.

However, according Mel Schilling of MAFS’ Mel Schilling Mel Schilling colleagues might be able to complete the scientific match aspect of the experiment, however, it’s just as useful as helping the couple get on the same page.

“We cannot control the spark, therefore when people do come together, one of the uncertainties is whether or not they’ll physically spark between them,” she previously stated to the WHO,adding that it’s not known how each person and couples will perform under pressure.

“Then obviously there’s the dynamic of a group and the effect of that pressure and judgment of the other members on them, so there are a lot of factors we cannot control.”

The MAFS experts for 2021 have matched a new batch
The MAFS experts for 2021 have matched a new batch

The end of this season however, not just one, but three couples had left the group along with the partner. What happened to them?

Keep checking back as we update you on the couples who are in a relationship, as well as who has been added to with MAFS alumni majority.

Can Melissa and Bryce
Can Melissa and Bryce

Melissa as well as Bryce Engaged with babies due!

The most controversial couple of the season hasn’t won many fans over the course of their relationship however Bryce and Melissa remain in love.

The first time fans suspected that they were in fact the same when they both posted photos of themselves climbing indoors on their profiles. Earlier, in January, Canberra-based Bryce posted images of himself the mountain in his hometown, Melbourne.

Bryce later revealed to the magazineexclusively that he had not only relocated to Melbourne but has also been helping Melissa out by attracting all the attention from public as well as MAFS fans . We doubt that you’d do that in the event of an unsettling break-up.

The couple got engaged in July of 2021. They disclosed to The New Conceptthat they weren’t just engaged, but Melissa had been pregnant…with twins!

“It’s the fastest thing that has happened,” Bryce admitted to the magazine.

“It’s been an incredible ride and we’re incredibly content,” Mel added.

romantic start for Rebecca and Jake
romantic start for Rebecca and Jake

Rebecca as well Jake Oh so long!

Jake might have loved the way he was treated as his bride came up to his wedding altar However, it was the opposite of what she wanted to see.

“He’s staring at me as if I’m sex-on-a stick,”” Rebecca stated, before reciting a list of his negative traits, such as the fact that he didn’t wear tie, and his tattoos were obvious.

Although they did have moments (like the time Jake was able to call out Bryce for swearing at Beck), the indications were evident early that things weren’t going as planned and that was stuck in their respective towns.

Then, after that shocking finale when video footage surfaced of Beck having a romantic relationship with a mysterious former lover (not her brother, it appears) it was over with a bang.

While Jake enjoyed a brief relationship with fitness influencer, Sophie Guidolin, Beck is currently dating her boyfriend Ben Michell.

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fairytale wedding for Samantha and Cameron
fairytale wedding for Samantha and Cameron

Samantha as well as Cameron – – Fizzled out

It was instantaneous to Samantha as well as Cameron when they got married. It was evident that the pros had it right.

Then things got worse after Cam was seen sleeping with Sam and later admitted that there was no emotional bond with her.

Cameron also sat down with his wife Coco and had a private kiss with her prior to when both the couple Samantha left the party.

“I came here to meet someone real I came here to meet the love of my life,” Samantha said on the couch during their last ceremony of their commitment Ceremony.

“I haven’t entered this with much faith. I’ve done my best I’ve put everything into this.”

Booka and Brett
Booka and Brett

Booka as well Brett the Hero up to zero

It was evident from the start it was a given that Booka and Brett were going to be the season’s two goals however it wasn’t intended to be.

Things got a little sour following the Wash discovered via Instagram that rocker and mental health specialist Booka was at an MAFS viewing celebration in her home town of Perth during the time her wedding aired however Brett was not there. The photos show her looking somewhat depressed.

Booka also dropped an extremely telling track (and even a more convincing music video) which she’s sure is about Brett the lyrics are “Boy There’s a in your face. I’m coming for you,” and “You’re so repetitive and you’ve lost all the appeal. Your Hymen has been to be resealed.”

Booka is also believed to have started relationship with Jake or Brett admitted in an interview with the WHO that they ought to have been match-up with “a mother”.

It’s not a surprise that the couple chose to end their relationship at the end of their Commitment Ceremony.

“I’ve written leave , but it’s a smiley face as well as the love of my life because Brett’s legendary,” Booka said, noting that the romantic aspect was gone.

“I believe there was that there was a tug of war taking place between us in order to get to know each other. Then the situation eventually went off the rails, but when the dust settled, things slowed down and I think we figured out our place with each other,” Brett added.

Coco and Sam aren't exactly the poster couple of the season
Coco and Sam aren’t exactly the poster couple of the season

Coco as well Sam”Bye bye”

With Coco’s loud screams and Sam’s side-eyes Their wedding wasn’t the fairytale wedding day that you would have been.

There were a lot of insults and tears were shed. relationship was not there. After the first Commitment Ceremony it wasn’t looking like they could salvage the situation.

However, after Coco expressed interest in Cam The two made the decision to end the study.

“It’s been a blast with my with you,” the bubbly bride shared with Sam.

Jo and James cute couple
Jo and James cute couple

Jo James and James”So long

It couldn’t have been MAFS without an uneasy pairing – fans were in awe at the start when a snarky mother along with barber Jo was paired with the other parent and the owner of a prestige car company James.

“We’re enjoying each other as if we’re a family on fire However, I saw that he’s got his own Rolex watch, and I’m concerned that we’re from totally different worlds” Jo admitted on their wedding day.

After James admitted jokingly that the two were in love with professional Alessandra during the second Commitment Ceremony The situation turned out to be worse, and culminated in the couple leaving.

“I don’t think he wants being told what to do by women. It was not worth leaving my children in the hands of someone who was like him.” Jo told WHO.

Georgia and Liam
Georgia and Liam

Georgia as well Liam”Up in smoke”

The fans were furious after Liam, the show’s first bisexual groom who was openly gay was exposed before all of MAFScast however, Liam and Georgia appear to have a great beginning.

“Honestly I truly believe that whatever you’ve done before that, they all brought you here and to the person you are. So long as you’re the right person for me,” Georgia told her husband when he asked her whether she was having any issues about his sexuality.

Although they shared some wonderful memories, the couple experienced some disagreements, especially in relation to how Liam was with his wife during the last dinner gathering, as well as the homophobic and shocking video Georgia took part in.

The couple’s final vows and dinner celebration was cold to be honest, however, it appears that they’re in good spirits in spite of the fact that their romance story is now over.

“I really wish things could have been different to us G. I would have wished we weren’t letting people infiltrate our minds and I would like to be more efficient in our communication. I wish you the best on your journey and I wish that you find the person you’re searching for. I’m sorry, it was not my name,” Liam wrote on Instagram following the show’s last episode was aired.

Georgia remains single while Liam is adored by New Zealand MAFSstar, Samuel Levi.

Johnny or Kerry's first rodeo when it comes to marriage.
Johnny or Kerry’s first rodeo when it comes to marriage.

Kerry as well as Johnny Johnny Love remains (still) on the horizon

The two fell in love (or at the very least attraction) on first sight when Kerry and Johnny were married at the altar. Although they were both married previously, it was clear that it was intended to become a marriage for Jerry.

The couple arranged to romantically vow to each other in their final vows, and they are still an attraction.

To commemorate the six month anniversary of their wedding on TV, Johnny described the experience and his bride on Instagram by writing “The most risk I’ve ever taken. The best reward.”

The two reside as a couple in Brisbane but they are as well grandparents to their furry baby, Enzo.

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