Ben Watson and Shayelle Lajoie
Ben Watson and Shayelle Lajoie

The Trick To Predict Who Will Win Survivor Blood V Water

We’re just a few minutes to the end of Australian Survivor‘s new season, Blood V Water however, for the shrewd the winner could already be leaked.

It’s quite difficult to stay clear of spoilers nowadays, due to an old trick that has predicted the winners of major reality television shows for a few years in the past.

There have been winners in SAS Australia, The Masked Singer, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette all predicted accurately by the most popular betting site in Australia, Sportsbet.

The Trick To Predict Who Will Win Survivor Blood V Water

It even included Survivor‘s most recent contestant, Hayley Leake, in the top spot for several weeks prior to her being, surprisingly named The Sole Survivor in the Brains V Brawn.

Here’s the place where it gets spoiler-y.

For those who are too excited to watch for new episodes, or for the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a huge blockbuster year already, we’ve an idea for a name.

At present, Survivor alum Mark Wales is placed in the top spot betting odds of 1.70.

Former SAS soldier which made his first appearance in episode two on the series, has returned to Season 3 of the show, Blood V Water with his wife, Samantha Gash, whom was his companion on the second season.

The idea behind Water V Blood Water is that the players play with their loved ones and, despite the fact that they thought to play together The first episode saw presenter Jonathan LaPaglia explaining that they were divided into two tribes: Water and Blood. Water.

Sam herself currently the third spot, which is equal to odds of 10.00.

Ben Watson and Shayelle Lajoie
Ben Watson and Shayelle Lajoie

In between the power couple at the top of the list are Shayelle Lajoie whom she plays with friend, Ben Watson, and Jordie Hansen who is playing alongside Jesse Hansen, his younger brother. Jesse Hansen.

Shayelle is at 5.00 She is also at 5.00. Jordie as well. Jordie is at 10.00.

The person who follows Sam is fan-favorite Chrissy Zaremba who has kept viewers in awe of her incompetence knowledge of Survivor knowledge and her quotable quotes about the show.

Chrissy has odds of 12.00 and her brother-in law, Michael Crocker, follows at 13.00.

Chrissy playing an idol at her first tribal.
Chrissy playing an idol at her first tribal.

Although the chances aren’t 100% secure but it’s a great indicator of where things could take us, and also shows whom to look for as the story moves forward.

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It’s also quite shocking, considering that this season also featuring twice-time American Survivorchampion Sandra Diaz-Twine and their daughter Nina Twine.

The two women have both come out as big players within the last few days, so we’ll be monitoring closely for any shifts occur!

You can catch Survivor: Blood V Water on Channel 10 on Sundays at 7:30pm.

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