The Strangest Movie With The Most Famous Cast Is Stardust

As an adult, I sometimes think, “What a weird kid I was when I watched all those movies as a kid.” I loved movies so much that seeing Grease was the first thing I remember. Do not play with my brothers or run through the park. No! That would be too simple and clear.

It was all about movies for me, kid. That means I have good memories of movies. What is Fern Gully? Giants of Little? A Child in the Court of King Arthur? When I talk about one of these movies with strong feelings, even my coworkers who are crazy about pop culture look at me like I’m speaking in a foreign language.

The 2007 movie Stardust says it all better than anything else. Matthew Vaughn wrote, produced, and directed it, and an A-list cast makes it look even better. It’s also the campiest, silliest, epic fantasy movie you can think of. But even after more than ten years, I still think that not enough people have seen it. Let’s fix that then.

What is Stardust about?

The movie is based on Neil Gaiman’s book Stardust. It’s about a young man named Tristan who leaves his town and goes to the magical fantasy country of Stormhold. There, he meets a fallen star, bad witches, murderous princes, and silly pirates.


Who is in the Stardust cast?

Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Sienna Miller, Mark Strong, Rupert Everett, Mark Williams, Mark Heap, Peter O’Toole, and Ricky Gervais were some of the big names in Hollywood and Britain who were in the movie. It was also read by none other than Sir Ian McKellan.

That’s not to mention the players who were not well known at the time but would become big stars, like Henry Cavill, Ben Barnes, and Charlie Cox in his big break as the main character, Tristan.

This group was the best there was if you were a nerd who liked fantasy movies.

Claire Danes and Charlie Cox in Stardust.
Claire Danes and Charlie Cox in Stardust.

Not only was the cast great, but the story was also very silly, with De Niro dancing around in a pink feather boa as Captain Shakespeare, the pirate, and Pfeiffer as a witch whose mind was slowly breaking down and killing people. At the same time, Danes was shine like a glow stick as she easily played a “fallen star.”

In 2017, 10 years after Stardust came out, Cox talked to Vanity Fair about the strange and beautiful magic in the movie.

“I remember talking to [Matthew Vaughn] about the movie he wanted to make, and he kept on saying that he’d recently had two young children, and he was tired of watching movies with them that they loved but he hated,” he told the newspaper.

“At the time, I think I was just grateful to have a job and to be telling such a phenomenal story.”

He was right, too. The story is amazing, even though it’s a mess.

Where to watch Stardust in Australia?

ou can stream Stardust on Stan – or rent on Prime Video and Apple TV.

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