Show Contestants What to Do on The Masked Singer Australia 2023

The Australian version of The Masked Singer is back for 2023, and the new group of stars who want to sing their way to the top is ready to go.

Fans are sure to be closely watching their favorite acts to help them make the correct guess, even though the contestants may want to keep their identity a secret.

This year, The Masked Singer is coming back to Australia, and a new group of stars is ready to sing their way to the top.

Some contestants may want to hide who they are, but fans will be sure to keep a close eye on their favorite acts to help them make the right guess.

So Far, There Are Clues for Contestants on The Masked Singer Australia 2023



It was suggested in Cowgirl’s first teaser that she was a “Grammy-winning global superstar” and “reality TV queen,” and the judges called her a “world-class performer.”

During Cowgirl’s first show, fans were given a few more hints about who she was. That’s the only thing people think about cows: we’re vegan, so you’d think we’d stay away from certain foods… We don’t like being stuck in one place, even when we are young. I’m not in the same place where I was born, that much was clear.

“Do I have a favorite place?” Free everywhere! “You know, pro bono,” Cowgirl’s vague clue went on.

Cowgirl also hinted in the third episode of the 2023 season, “I like things that make life interesting, but I’m not a toy and I’m not here to follow the crowd.” I don’t run on batteries. I was once, though.”

“I love you, but I don’t think I have enough gravity to make it work.” “Maybe I need to go abroad to be myself.”

Fans are sure that Cowgirl is either I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! after she sang the Spice Girls’ hit Wannabe. Julia Morris, the host, or Courtney Act, the star of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Crash Test Dummy

Crash Test Dummy
Crash Test Dummy

People have made fun of Crash Test Dummy as a Hollywood heartthrob, a sports star, and a million-dollar seller.

The bright character was the first to be introduced for the 2023 season. At the end of the first episode, Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green was shown to be the actor.



After being called “the Hollywood heartthrob,” Bouncer’s performance of Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles was a big hit with the judges right away. People who thought they knew who Bouncer was ranged from Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer to TV host Nick Lachey. The kangaroo did give fans some helpful hints to help them figure out who was behind the mask.

“It’s hot where I come from.” Almost $100 in old money, and everything I have comes from working hard. Being a big red is something that’s just in my blood. “You have no choice but to be what you’ll be from a young age,” Bouncer’s secret message said.

“I see the glass as half full.” There are bad and good people in everyone, but if you believe in a greater power, you’ll be okay.

“This Bouncer goes everywhere. In fact, roosters like me can be found in forests, lakes, and towns. No less than the city of angels! Or at this bowling alley. Hey, it’s better than being a hotel worker. Life isn’t meant to be walked through while asleep, so don’t even think about supporting me.

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