Are Jessica & Daniel
Are Jessica & Daniel

Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Couples Are Still Together

Married at First Sight Australia has one thing in common. It will deliver year after year on the wine-throwing and temper tantrums. It rarely succeeds in creating lasting relationships.

In fact, only five of the 72 matches made to date by the show’s love specialists have remained together beyond what they call “the experimental” and “harrowing reality television.”

We can only hope that at least one new match makes it through Season 9. Season 8 brought us two love stories that will last forever in 2021.

Our experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling will be putting together matches from the contestants. We’ll also be looking at the couples that have succeeded.

Scroll down to see all we know about the Married at First Sight Season 9 couple that are still together…

 Tamara & Brent
Tamara & Brent

Are Tamara & Brent still together?

We would sum up Tamara’s and Brent’s wedding day with the words “big yikes Energy.” They were awkward and bickering right from the beginning, exchanging barbs every step of the way, from the altar to the photoshoot to the reception.

After his nuptials, Brent said to the cameras that “my wife is a psychopath.” We saw Tamara and Brent “work” hard on their marriage, but it was evident that their love was not meant to last.

After the Final Vows were over, they parted ways. However, they managed to get through the whole experiment without hating one another. The clues were there, FYI.

Before the show began, they weren’t following each other on Instagram.

The Nine Network currently manages the accounts of participants. Therefore, the team followed each contestant from each account in an effort to hide any apparent splits or feuds.

It was obvious that they weren’t together, if you compare it to other “happier” couples who were actually following one another.

SportsBet predicted that the couple would end their relationship at the Final Vows. Also, Tamara was seen with Brent at the MAFS reunion in a TikTok video taken by Jayden Smyth.

Our final verdict was that Tamara & Brent were headed for a messy divorce – and we were correct.

Are Selin & Anthony
Are Selin & Anthony

Is Selin and Anthony still together?

Selin, and Anthony were given the fairytale treatment at the MAFS premier. Their ill-fated love quickly ended and we watched them fight on our screens for weeks.

As SportsBet predicted, the pair split in the third Commitment ceremony. Betting odds can often be seen as a sign that someone is close to the show. They regularly predict the winner of shows like The Bachelor Australia and Australian Survivor.

They were also among the couples that weren’t following each others on Instagram until speculation started to swirl. While we have to be careful about the Instagram followers and betting odds, it is clear that this situation has been very accurate.

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Are Jessica & Daniel
Are Jessica & Daniel

Is Jessica and Daniel still together?

There was a fight on the wedding night. Then, there was another one on the honeymoon. Another BIG NO.

Daniel exclaimed, “She’s beautiful,” as he praised his bride during the wedding. She looks like a girl who is able to challenge me and knows exactly what she wants. I’m happy.”

Things quickly turned sour when Jess talked about her “real” wedding in the future. They patched up temporary things, but they had another fun time on the honeymoon and at the first Dinner Party.

After moving into their apartment, the couple fled in three minutes. This shock came as no surprise to anyone. Although Daniel was devastated by Jess’s match, he has been seen continuing his relationship with Carolina.

Married at First Sight Australia is broadcast Monday through Wednesday, 7:30pm and Sunday, 7pm on Nine Network and 9Now.

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