MAFS' Evelyn Ellis Starts New Show
MAFS' Evelyn Ellis Starts New Show

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis Starts New Show

This year, Evelyn Ellis was by far one of the most popular MAFS competitors. The Sydney-based star made a big splash when she showed up as an outsider. Fans fell in love with her amazing style, can-do attitude, and funny sarcasm right away.

Now, months after the show ran, Evelyn is working as a host on Getaway, which is her most recent job.Evelyn sat down with WHO to talk about Sydney, MAFS, and the future before her second show airs this weekend.

Tell us little bit about your getaway section.

Yes, I’m very happy! We are having Korean barbecue in the city and in my city, Sydney. We will also take “paint and sip” class and then go secondhand shopping. Some really “Sydney” things to do, so it should be fun. After your time on MAFS, this is your first time speaking. What did you think of it? So have lot more respect for speakers now. But yeah, it’s obviously not the same as reality TV, but loved every minute of it. And hope did good job for the Channel Nine team.

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis Starts New Show
MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis Starts New Show

And as you said, one of the segments covers thrift purchasing in Sydney. What are your exceptional pointers for a successful thrift haul?

Take some time! Going if you have like a lazy Saturday or Sunday, and you have some suitable company and simply having a laugh with it. Just going alongside the day and making it a sincerely inclusive pastime.

Do you have a fave thrifted object?

I do. It’s virtually from a thrift store in London. It’s a bomber jacket with stitch badging on it. Yeah, it is genuinely authentic. I constantly get such a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Do you have got a fave segment you have filmed?

I enjoyed all of it! But I suppose my favorite might probable be Korean barbecue because Duncan and his sister got to come and it was the primary time Renee, Duncan’s sister, got to strive Korean fish fry food. That become a fun experience.

And what is your go to side dish with regards to Korean fish fry?

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis Starts New Show
MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis Starts New Show

Favourite? You’ve were given to have the Soju on the side!

And it is been quite some months now in view that MAFS has completed airing – are you still in contact with the solid?

Well, I talk to a number of them here and there, some of the girls. But I suppose every person’s kind of going lower back to their lives now. So we don’t simply hear too much of them, however I’m excited to look a few of them at the Logies!

And how is your relationship with Duncan changed in current months now that there is not any stress to preserve it a secret?

It’s just honestly snug and content material. We have a surely, absolutely accurate courting. And I suppose we’re really each in it for the long run. So it is truly special. We have a few thrilling information to share soon, but I can’t percentage it as of yet.

When you probably did go public along with your relationship changed into there one thing particularly you have been looking ahead to?

Just taking walks down the street and being capable of take snap shots collectively and just you realize, when you have a new beau, you love them and you are proud of them and you simply want to expose them off. Right? So it was a good feeling simply to step out and simply do like everyday regular stuff with him.

Ending at the large question, what is next? 

Well, I can not inform you simply but however there’s something exciting within the pipeline with regard toDuncan and I’s relationship. In regards to my profession, I don’t know what is next. You just have to take the tv global or anything it can be, with a grain of salt. Hope for the quality. Do the whole lot with all of your coronary heart and just positioned your exceptional foot forward. I’d love a profession in tv, but glaringly, it is now not promised. You simply should preserve running on it because it’s like my dream!

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