Jess to meet Felix
Jess to meet Felix

Inside Jessica Navin’s Contentious Open Relationship, A Star Of The Bachelor

The main topic of conversation around The Bachelors right now—aside from Tash Candyce, the season’s “villain”—seems to be Jessica Navin’s polyamorous relationship.

The musician hurried to notify his best buddy and fellow Bachelor Felix Von Hofe that one of the 10 girls he was dating had a relationship back home after the acrimonious Tash revealed to Jed McIntosh that Jess had a boyfriend outside.

Then, Jess sat down with Felix to make it clear that she wanted to introduce them on her own terms. After processing the information, the basketball player made the decision that, despite his desire for a monogamous commitment, he liked Jess enough to pursue a relationship.

It’s amazing what good communication can do.

Right now, Jess is without a doubt Felix’s favorite. So, what is our current knowledge of the reality star? What is her age? What does she do? Who is her outside boyfriend?

Here's what we know about Jess
Here’s what we know about Jess

What is Jessica’s age?

Twenty-five is Jess’s age. Her Instagram account suggests that she was born in early June.

The bachie girl is therefore a Gemini (for any astrology buffs out there).

From what country is Jessica?

Queensland’s Townsville!

What kind of employment does Jessica do?

The reality star has a creative personality and has worked in the theatre, modeling, bridal styling, children’s parties, and more.

This is hardly shocking considering how the bachelor fell in love after seeing her and Felix dance on their first date.

According to Ten, her best accomplishment to date was being asked to play the main role in Strictly Ballroom The Musical after auditioning for the ensemble.

Getting out of my comfort zone was a huge opportunity for growth, and the experience was so enjoyable, Jess continued.

The 25-year-old has also demonstrated her piano and singing abilities online and dressed up as Elsa from Frozen for a kid’s party.

And in 2019, Jess earned a Bachelor of Educational Services from James Cook University.

Felix was smitten with Jess from the start.
Felix was smitten with Jess from the start.

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On the outside, who is Jessica’s boyfriend?

Jess, who is polyamorous as previously mentioned, entered the bachelor mansion while engaged in an open relationship.

Damien, a 33-year-old native of Townsville, even took her to the performance to meet Felix. Now that’s encouraging.

Damien is a life coach and practitioner of neuro-transformational therapy, according to his Instagram, which Jess continues to follow (though it’s worth noting that Channel Ten is currently in charge of her account)… and we promise we know what some of those terms mean!

The dancer had just ended a four-year relationship when she met Damien towards the end of 2021. The life coach introduced Jess to several dating arrangements after hearing her concerns about getting married.

She recalled that he had told her, “Jess, I want you to experience the world and connections, whether that’s with me or without me… you’re open and free to connect on a deep level with anyone, I’m not here to hold you back.”

Damien was only supportive when Jess was chosen for The Bachelors.

He strongly agreed with the statement, “Jess, I’ll back you in any decision you make, even if that means looking into a relationship with the bachelor without me.”

 Jess to meet Felix
Jess to meet Felix

The Bachelors: Why did Jessica Participate?

Because of her beliefs regarding monogamous partnerships, Jess said to Ten that making the decision to go on the show was quite an internal fight.

“Is monogamy a natural state? It seems to be somewhat of a societal construct, “She spoke.

But it was this uncertainty about dating that led Jess to consider her choices.

There are so many various ways to approach relationships, and the model said, “I think this is the period in my life that I should explore my sexuality and those other ways of approaching relationships before I settle down and have my own kids and whatnot.”

She clarified that she is not attempting to speak for the polyamorous community, saying that there are still a lot of unanswered questions and that she is constantly learning about the polyamorous community.

“I was investigating whether polyamory was right for me. Does it fit with who I am? It feels what? And it’s kind of ironic that I used The Bachelor to determine whether or not this is the right path for me “Says Jess.

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