Sorry to any Brooke/Konrad stans
Sorry to any Brooke/Konrad stans

Abbie Chatfield, Konrad Bien-Stephens & Their Relationship Confirm Their Love For Each Other

The Bachelor Australiaroyalty Abbie Chatfield created quite a stir this week after she was seen dancing and kissing with the her current Bachelorette contestant Konrad Bien-Stephens. The couple has now confirmed their love in a brand new interview.

Even though he was still at the forefront of Brooke Blurton’s affections at the time 31-year-old Konrad was seen enjoying an evening out in the city with 26-year-old Abbie the other week. Do you be able tobelieve the scandal that surrounded the whole thing? That’s the sort of reality show spoiler that we are accustomed to.

He’s now been exiled, and he said goodbye to Brooke on Thursday’s show The Bachelorette Australia. It’s safe to say that the fans were not stunned when the Bachelorette was sent home due to the pictures.

In the pictures, released by the Daily Mail, Abbie and Konrad were seen in a photo taken on the beach at Beach Hotel in Byron Bay. The photos show the couple to be close and personal, holding Konrad’s hands tied around the waist of Abbie. Konrad was also spotted looking in to kiss her.

“Obviously it has been a bit of time since production ended with Brooke,” Konrad stated to 10 Play following the show’s airing the night before. “We did not work out, however I really like Abbie. Abbie is a great girl, and I’m looking forward to what’s to come in the future..

“I’m sort of head over heels for Abbie at the minute. It’s very early days but it’s a legitimate thing. I mean, everything happens for a reason so maybe this is what was meant to be.”

Abbie Chatfield has been spotted kissing
Abbie Chatfield has been spotted kissing

“Meeting her was totally random,” Konrad says on Our sister website Today To Love telling us that it was because a friend of a mutual acquaintance introduced them to each other. “When I first met her, we bonded like a firework in a room. We’ve had conversations about our entire experience. Bacheloretteencounter initially, but it was just because I was convinced she’s cool. We got along well.

“As much as I’m super grateful to have met Brooke – Abbie, what can I say? She’s an amazing girl and I’m excited to see what the future holds,” the actor declares.

When the photos were published, Abbie also uploaded a series of Instagram Stories of an evening she shared with another Gemini. You wouldn’t believe it that members of the Shamelesspodcast conducted a bit of LinkedIn research and found Konrad to be an actual Gemini himself. Do what you like however, internet sleuths are extremely real.

“Um, how do we feel about two Geminis being more than friends? Is it bad? Is it good? Not that I really care, or that I’m asking… but yeah let me know,” Abbie was asking her fans at the time.

In a different IG Story, she wrote: “We just kissed in the car, listening to Savage Garden while He was downloading The Pattern for me. Ugh.”

While they’ven’t been spotted together since the pictures of kissing became viral, they couldn’t necessarily manage to conceal their relationship also. In a sequence of photos published by the Daily Mail,it was disclosed Abbie and Konrad were both photographed driving the same white vehicle around Byron Bay.

Since Konrad has been removed off the series The couple are bound to keep their fans updated on their love story. Perhaps Konrad could be featured as a guest on Abby’s blog posts about the newly acquired $1.45 million Byron pad?

Sorry to any Brooke/Konrad stans
Sorry to any Brooke/Konrad stans

It’s not a surprising that Abbie has been paired and Konrad inside the Bachie mansion. She’s even exuded praise for his appearance during her talk show The Show That Costs A Lot. She previously stated that if he weren’t Brooke’s choice for the finalist she would be sure to invite Konrad to the show to do an interview.

He could be a fan-favourite during this season however he was not always the favorite to be the winner. Every single person and their mother is sure at this point Darvid Garayeli will walk out as the winner of this year’s series. In addition, he’s tipped to be the winner at SportsBet and TAB which is a guarantee that he will win the tournament.

Furthermore, Brooke was spotted visiting his home earlier this week. So, you’re aware.

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Darvid might be the winner
Darvid might be the winner

Whatever happens, regardless of who is the winner of the contest, Brooke has confirmed that she’s definitely found affection on the program. “I’m so happy and in love. I can’t wait to be able to go public,” she previously stated to Who.What a joy is it that the show has created its magic on Brooke Abbie and Abbie the past season? You’ve gotta love love.

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